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Got some concerns:
  1. I am hoping that BTF usernames are not being used.....
    1. I dont see the point in having to register under your DJ/Mixer/etc name if mods just going to use BTF usernames
  2. There are also mixer that joined under false name (Its obvious who some are and there are some that arent)
    1. Seems unfair to everyone not to know who they are actually going up against.
    2. What was the process of verifying who each DJ was?
      1. If mods know who they are, why are they using a different name
Transparency should be key with these kind of things

Side Note:
- would be nice to upload mixes on something other than soundcloud since it just compresses everything down to 128kbps. (You can download what was uploaded, but no one is going to download mixes to listen to them. If they are why not just post them on Google Drive or another hosting service)


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Thanks for bringing up some of your concerns @mithu. We are going to leave this topic open because we always encourage feedback and appreciate the open dialogue. The Mixing Mods asked me if I could respond and since I helped them get started/discuss some of these issues, I felt like the appropriate one to respond.

Regarding BTF username ("handle" on the sign up form) - we are definitely NOT using people's BTF forum name for the challenges/brackets/etc. I made sure to stress to the Mixing Mods that it's really important we use whatever the DJ's want to go by as their DJ name and we should respect that decision. The reason we do ask for a BTF username is to tag mixers within posts (if needed), reach out them via PM, and most importantly - monitor linkages between newly registered accounts.

Regarding anonymous DJ's, this was also something we discussed together. There were a few select individuals who reached out to us early on (when signs up started) asking that they wish to participate but don't want to disclose themselves. There were a few different reasons given - i.e. they didn't want to their work associated with their team, they had concerns over background checks/job ramifications, and some wanted to "team up" since they wouldn't have the time individually to contribute and wanted to try to work together when they did have time. We took these reasons into accounts when determining how to proceed with these folks.

A lot of DJ's that signed up this season are new to BTF/the mixing ladder - they were recruited by the mixing mods as they are acquaintances/friends. Regarding verification, we knew, for the most part, who everyone was that signed or could link to which mod had recruited them. We also used their SoundCloud to verify their mixes and judged their existing mixes to get a better idea of their experiences (including the "years of experience" they provided when signing up).

I understand the issues about transparency, but at the same time, we want to respect the reasons why they are choosing to be anonymous. Also, nobody besides the Mixing Mods knows who any of the DJ's are when we put up the mixes for votes -- this provides an even playing ground for all to be the judge. If Mixing Mods vote, I had asked they do it based on mixing skill/preferences of sounds/etc.

Lastly, on the SoundCloud hosting issue/compression. We had discussed the platform as a group before getting started with the ladder and thought SoundCloud would work best for our needs. SoundCloud embeds easily into the forum and because a lot of BTF traffic has shifted to mobile/social media (FB), we needed to take that into consideration as well. We only use Google Drive if the mix gets flagged because we've gotten messages from various audience members who said they aren't able to "play" the file using the Google embedded media player from their device and have to download the mix to listen to it -- this takes away from the user experience, so we try to avoid it when we can.

I know you had e-mailed us about alternate media sites like I am actually trying to engage the media plugin developer that we use to see if we can get that incorporated in his future releases. If you know of any other websites that have a good player, don't compress mixes too much, and can be embedded using an iframe, please let me know! Perhaps in the future, we can shift to using a different website other than SC. Appreciate your insights on this btw!

Sorry if this post got too lengthy! The important thing to keep in mind, this is a FRIENDLY mixing competition for DJs to showcase their talent and improve their craft. Just because you win the BTF mixing ladder doesn't mean you are the best bhangra mixer alive, lol. Mithu, you know first hand, how much goes on behind the scenes to organize and keep this going for several months. Considering we are experimenting with a new format (bracket style vs straight up ladder) and trying to manage 45+ DJ's this season, we really appreciate everyone's patience!

~ Basim :)

P.S. - @lakha23 , Swiss Cheesy is NOT Swi. Although, I should reach out to Swi and let him know that someone just hijacked the perfect DJ name if he ever decides to change it in the future. Swiss Cheesy melts Swizzee ;)