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Coronavirus Affecting our Global Circuit ??


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Dear Bhangra Lovers,

As it pertains to our Global Circuit from a dance perspective, I want to say thank you to competitions for making tough decisions to postpone/cancel competitions. These are tough times for us all when it pertains to the passion for this Folk Art, and dancers in other circuits.

One thing I would like to say, is that we must not fail to stay driven in our process for future creation of the dance, and for our competitive and non-competitive dancing. Hats off to academies all around the world taking serious action by spreading awareness on how we can all be healthier, going into classes or by students not coming to classes.

I understand how this can be horrible from a financial prospective all over, and for those collegiate seniors, to not be able to compete in their final year of school. But we have been through tough times before with competitions such as Bhangra Allstars/Blizzard, run by Anil Prasad back in 2009/2010, and competitions such as Bhangra on the Rocks/Vice City, run by Rahul Prakash as of recent in 2018/2019. We have been through horrible times with poor judging and tragic accidents such as Temple University back in 2010. But this circuit has prevailed and has stayed unified in support and leadership.

Let’s stay together and be resilient as this a minor setback, that we can overcome. Use platforms such as social media to continue spreading the art, and communication alive across the world to be there for fellow circuit members. Stay healthy, be aware, and stay motivated.

Over & Out