Da Real Punjabiz @ Raniyaan Di Ranuaq 2019


What’s good BTF! As DRP celebrates our 20-year anniversary, our girls are proud to have come full circle to represent DRP in the first-ever, all-female bhangra competition. With dancers ranging in age from 18-26 and having joined the team between 2012-2018, this set displays what DRP was, is, and will continue to represent. Majority of this set was made by the girls from DRP but, we would like to thank a few people for guiding us to make that possible:
  • Harji Charaia for spending numerous hours helping us outline our set, refine choreo, whether it was by driving down two hours to San Diego from Los Angeles or hour-long facetime calls, and for the ‘God is a Woman’ vision for our end song.
  • Luvreet Sangha for helping us with choreo, and for coming to every single bay area practice to help us in critiquing, cleaning, and learn/refine formations.
  • Amit Kohli for working tirelessly on creating a fire west coast mix that truly represented our vision and the women of DRP (check him out on SoundCloud @legit.amit)
  • Dholi Ram for playing some killer dhol for us at the comp
  • Sartaj Singh for our fire intro video that showcased our amazing roster
  • Sahib Athwal for the mix to our intro video (check him out on SoundCloud @SuaveSahib)
Special Shout out: We wanted to welcome our newest DRP member, Renee Kar- Johnson who graciously accepted to dance with us and encompassed the DRP identity.

[Special Thanks to the Raniyaan di Raunaq board + liaisons for running such an amazing competition to show the world that girls can do bhangra]

Also, HUGE thank you to those who donated to our gofundme page!

Now introducing Da Real Punjabiz’s Raniyaan di Ranauq Roster
Shubhreen Kaur
Ashmita Kaur
Simran Randev
Renee Kar-Johnson

Simi Kaur
Mehr Singh
Riya Sony
Rekha Nagarajan

Anushka Pushpala
Saatchi Bhalla
Tanaya Sawant
Tushara Govind

Video & Mix:

We would also like to showcase the girlz who captained DRP throughout the years and were able to bless RDR’s stage with their presence:​

  • Shubhreen Kaur (Captained 2016-2017 season)
  • Rekha Nagarajan (Co-Captained 2017-2018 season)
  • Mehr Singh (Co-Captained 2018-2019 season)
  • Simran Randev (Incoming Co-Captain)
Any and All feedback is welcome :)
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