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Dancers Are Genetically Different


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You gotta be more specific bro, everyone on the circuit has been your teammate at one time or another. Great article though (made my head hurt because I'm sick of looking at graphs and neurotransmitters)


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better at self expression, and similar neuronal pathways as spiritual experience? I believe it - great find


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two interesting biological notes on this study:

1) arginine vasopressin, the chemical that binds to the receptor mentioned in the article, is important in making sure you pee. it's also called ADH (anti-diuretic hormone)
2) it's very similar, chemically, to oxytocin, one of the primary hormones released by a pregnant mother during birth and also an important modulator of "touchy-feely" emotions and social behavior.

aight bio nerding over.

Sue Sylvester

This is a thought-provoking study. Thank you, Arjun, for sharing.

What men/women find attractive in potential mates in both physical characteristics and in behavior correlates subconsciously with their reproducibility and potential capabilities as a partner. It's simply how we've been wired through millennia of reproduction as a surviving species and it's not really a new concept at all. Often times, these attractive traits are a combination of genetics and acquired and learned behaviors/characteristics that are not passed down genetically. For example, dancing.

The concept of the dancing in the scope of evolution and natural selection has always fascinated me. The ability to dance has been universally accepted as an attractive ability by both men and female, but what it exactly conveys to potential mates doesn't seem so obvious. To me, being able to dance conveys the ability to control your body with precision and having a sense of music and beat that isn't necessarily limited to auditory senses (aka deaf dancers). According to the study, dancers exhibit "a heightened sense of communication, often of a symbolic and ceremonial nature, and a strong spiritual personality trait". Not sure if I completely agree but it's definitely something to think about and ponder upon.