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Hi All!

Just wanted to share videos from our recent competitions: Aaj Ka Dhamaka (2nd Place), East Coast Showdown, and Maryland Mauj. Especially after having just wrapped up Raniyaan di Raunaq in August, our team was very excited to keep up the momentum and extend the energy and vision of Raunaq into our own set and dancing. We had a ton of fun at these competitions and extend major props to all of the competition boards and placing teams for killin it!

We would love to hear any feedback you have for us as it would greatly help as we prep for the remainder of this season!

P.S: Huge shoutout and THANK YOU to....
  • Tony Bhangra Dresses for our dope new vardi!
  • Kavin Sanghavi for working tirelessly to make us a fire mix that fit our vision and Teg Hans for the awesome mix segments he made!
  • GW Bhangra for constantly helping us book practice spaces and generally just being super supportive of our team
  • All the judges (Keshav, Howie, Sid, Umer, Pooja, Sunny, Amandeep, Sahil, Dilpreet, Sukhi, GP) who gave us great feedback and really helped push us to think and rethink (and think again) about our set
  • DCBC alums near and far - we'd be nothing without you!
Maryland Mauj

East Coast Showdown

Aaj Ka Dhamaka
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Howie Magz

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This is the best I have seen DCBC in years and you guys are just right there in terms of placing in all the comps that you have competed at. You guys have improved not only the dancing, but your approach to choreography as well. Will write a more detailed review later.