DCMPAA Live @ Motor City Bhangra 2014 (GTVHD)

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This is the DC Metro Punjabi Arts Academy Live team performing @ Motor City Bhangra 2014.

DCMPAA (Live) @ Motor City Bhangra 2014

Red: Karan Singh and Arjun Bansal
Green: Gurpreet Singh and Dilbagh Nagi
Yellow: Jagjit Singh and Maneet Singh
Blue: Balraj Sidhu and Shanjeet Gill

Dholi: Amrinder Singh
Singer: Mandeep Rangi


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Personally loved this set.

There's something awesome about the loose style of bhangra that this set brought to this comp that makes it fun to watch... even though uniformity of dancers and overall cleanliness wasn't up to par with SGPD and NJ, it was cool watching individual dancers have fun with adding hints of their own style and nakhra to moves... it humanizes all elements of the routine and really makes the overall presentation stand out (in a good way, I think).

That being said, I'd work on being crisper in areas that don't benefit from individual showcase (i.e. formations, levels during chaal, hitting angles during jeona mordh, back-kicking/not back-kicking during jandhu sangha, how high you want to lift legs when doing lifts, kichah, and punjab, etc.). Its one thing to be stylistically loose, its another thing to go rouge on something that requires team precision.

Most importantly though, you need to collectively finish moves. The sequence ideas are sick but there are so many shortcuts taken on the last beat of all most every move that it ruins the flow of the segment... take a chunk of time out to practice transitions!

Awesome seeing veterans back in action (Shanjeet you killed it!)

Nagi saab for the love of God pin your chadhar... its the least you can do

Rumaalaan, +1


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Manderp :p good job on boliyan choice and singing so soulfully!

Karan, I could not stop watching you!!! You must tell me your secret! Soy beans?! Lol


jrangi said:
Manderp :p good job on boliyan choice and singing so soulfully!

Karan, I could not stop watching you!!! You must tell me your secret! Soy beans?! Lol

Couldn't agree more with what was said above :)
Mandeep - sick bolisssss and Karan - you have some next level swag!!!


Love the entrance like Khalsa College, haha. I was waiting for a team to do that. Set was good, a bit free form. Dancers were on different levels though. Yellow jodi needs work, but they did an awesome job trying to keep up with the rest. Shanjeet and the guy in red with the dhari killed it! Shanjeet had that crispness that a set needs. Otherwise, I felt this set was sloppy compared to the other sets in the lineup. Also, I don't know if your dancers just do live or both music and live, but I saw a good a lot of music style in this. Live is hard to do and requires slightly a different form which I felt lacked in certain parts in the routine, imo. DCMPAA always puts up great sets, so this was nice and fresh. Keep it up! And like aman said, guy in green please pin your chadra. Lol.


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Shoutout to my dost Shanjeet for coming back after 4yrs and ripping it with the youngins!! I remeber showdown 2008 when we both danced on PANJ lol. Good job!!