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Dhol Treble Skin Question


New Member
Hello! I recently bought a dhol from a vendor in India (via Amazon). I'm a beginner so, bought a pretty basic one. The treble side of the dhol is "flat"; it doesn't have a curved edge and it came with plastic tillis (which was not evident in the pictures on Amazon). It just doesn't sound that good. Rather than trying to return it and get into a refund battle with the vendor, I am hoping to replace the treble head. The edge-to-edge measurement of the head is 13.2" and the skin says 12*6. Anyone have any suggestions on what size would I need ? And where should I look for one? I am attaching a couple of pictures for reference.
Also, assuming I am able to find a head, how hard is it to do a DIY change? It is bolted, so it looks pretty straightforward, but then, I could be wrong.
Thank you so much!



Shivjot Singh Rangi (Shiv)
You don't measure the diameter of the outer edge of the ring, you only measure the diameter between the edge/corner of the plastic sheet (inner edge of the ring, not outer edge)

Completely flat bearing edge of the dhol sounds awful, and definitely needs to be filed/sanded until slightly angled/slanted

try making a video of it too
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