Dil De Rangeen @ Bhangra in the 6ix 3rd Place


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Below is the video of Dil De Rangeen at Bhangra in the 6ix! We are fortunate enough to have competed against some of the best teams from the US/Canada and pull off a 3rd place performance. Congratulations to Royal Queens and NJ - you guys are mind-blowing dancers and its amazing to see live. Props to BDS, ASD, and RVD for bringing the heat as well! Being able to watch live bhangra at this comp as well was a blessing, those sets were so perfectly executed. Congrats to all those teams, too.

Overall, BIT6 was an amazing experience; props to SPD for running another successful competition. Quick shoutout to Sehij - It was nice having a responsive director that was willing to help out with whatever we needed. Oh also, free food at the after party was the best thing ever :D

To everyone that supported and helped out, thank you so much for making this weekend so stress free.
Gagan and Nachdi Jawani for the practice space. Those studios are so sick.
Palli from SPD for the fresh paggan.
Dee from GGW - came in so clutch with the kurte again.
Dharini, Raj, and the others for helping with props.
Lastly, thanks to all the other teams and friends who shared this weekend with us. We had a blast hanging out with everyone.

We worked with PablaMix and Baaj on this mix. The mix came out fire and it was a fun process, so def give it a listen and show it some love!

And shout out to Bhoops for the video so quickly!

I want to thank all the dancers that made this possible! Everyone contributed in some way to making this collab team happen - we all met through the circuit and it was a great time sharing the stage together.

Red- Sagaar Menon | Arun Singh
Blue- Bobby Singh | Soorya Ramappan
Yellow- Eric Singh | Dhir Patwa
Ferozi- Sheena Kothari | Megha Ramappan
Pink- Priyanka Ram | Simmi Gill
Black- Ruby Kaur | Akshaya Rajkumar

Hope you guys enjoy it!


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This set was awesome because 1-12 every person danced hard, but also danced well. I think mixing people who are on collegiate and independent teams makes for really interesting choreo and flow because you guys had this awesome folky vibe but still used creative variations in every segment.

favorite parts - two beat chanjar kick into mor chaal, khunda chaal, sheena and megha hitting single chaffa
Dislikes- overdid the shoulder shimmy (I think y'all did it twice?); I would have liked to see more with the choreo during jhummar buildup; dhamaal was executed well (esp priyanka), but i got bored, probably because I expected more during the drop


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The dancing level of 1-12 here was one of the best I’ve seen a while for a coed team. Improve little things about the set and placings will come for sure