Duke Dhamaka @ Virsa Punjab Da 2008


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Duke Dhamaka's 2nd place performance at Virsa Punjab Da in Raleigh, NC. This was the same routine performed at Queen City Dhamaal, where Dhamaka won 1st place.


Comments and constructive criticism greatly appreciated.


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This performance is difficult for me to critique for one big reason, and that is that you guys do what you do well, it's just not my taste. I know your team has caught a lot of flak this year for "not doing bhangra," and while I don't agree with that (see: What is traditionality? - http://bhangrateamsforum.com/discuss/index.php?topic=40.0) I do think that this style of dancing looks a bit dated to anyone that's been following NA bhangra teams the past few years. The style focuses heavily on "power" moves because they look cool and are very exciting for audiences to watch, and now that most teams have shifted away from that, the few teams that still do it (namely, Duke and MIT) really stand out to audiences and, apparently, judges.

So my critique of your dance isn't really much of a critique. I can't tell you that I think you need to change your style, because you guys appear to enjoy it, audiences enjoy it, and judges do, also. I think your style is very close to MIT's, but you guys do it better in terms of choreo and execution. The execution was pretty spot on, it was clean with no glaring errors. For my taste, though, I think you could be a bit more creative with your choreo or formations and maybe just soften up the style in some places to add more flair or grace and really carve out your own unique style. I think it's possible to make a dance that's exciting and not strictly "traditional" but still has a bit of flair and creativity the way DRP, Empire, and (I hope) we on Columbia have tried to do.

Lastly, there were a few points in your dance that seemed to be directly inspired by other teams, and while most teams do draw inspiration from others' choreo or formations, it's never good when certain parts of the dance remind you of another team very clearly.

Congrats on your wins this past season. This year was a definite improvement over past years, and I hope that continues.


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my only feedback would be for you jhoomer segment make it more graceful and make it flow. its looks like you guys are doing a four count after count. for some reason it seems like its just move after another. and the hards seem very stiff.

but like Hans said if that is your style then nvm but watching you guys improve i would like to see a little more grace if possible.


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First off, congrats on placing. I can tell you, as an overall dance team you guys deserve props for being in sync and I can see that you guys are hustlin on stage. Keep up the energy.

However, your style is something I would recommend evaluating. I agree with Hans, your style is a little out dated now and what I would consider 'generic modern'. This doesn't mean you have to go all out traditional; please do what you guys do best but you need to make your style stand out. This however, is a huge undertaking and will require a lot of research and practice.

It is difficult to critique the routine as I feel the overall package needs a change. I am not doubting your ability as dancers or as a team, since it is quite evident from your performance you guys have great rhythm and are hard workers. I would suggest working on your form and not being so 'stiff'. Watch traditional videos on youtube just to get some direction on how the execution of the moves should look. I like the thing you guys do at 7:45 <-- creative.

Duke was a pretty legit team back in the day (shout out to Raj V, Duke alum & bhangra sensation) and I'm glad you guys have revived the team. Good luck in the future.