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Duniya De Rang 2019-2020 Season Videos


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Hiya BTF,

On behalf of Ashley Espinoza and me, Duniya De Rang would like to formally present our latest performances from Burgh 2019 and NDC 2020.

We are proud of what we have accomplished during this short season. It could not have been achieved without the full force of every single passionate leader that exists on our team.

There may not be a clearly defined road map from here but we are looking forward to the future post-Covid.

We hope everyone stays safe and keeps dancing.

With love,

NDC 2020 second place: https://youtu.be/dfks0D7_Tpo
Burgh 2019:

Set Design: Angela, Eric, Ashley, Bashier, Brian, Rebecca, Ace, & Sai
In-house Mixer: Naina
Team Finance: Rebecca
Intro Video: Brian


[Burgh Acknowledgements]

--Pink: Alisa Quemado, Ashley Espinoza, Bashier Baten, Eric McCord-Snook
--Yellow: Naina Sahrawat, Rebecca Ho Van Dyke, Brian Chang, Kyle Pfeiffer
--Blue: Kira Heikes, Angela Luo, Ace Motas, Sai Kalla

Burgh Mix: Teg Hans and Naina https://soundcloud.com/ns_moose/ddr-burgh-2019

Dholi: Dholi Ram
Beautiful Paggan: Eric. Thank you, Rohan Zeng, for tying Eric’s and for bringing us bandanas!
Props and cones: Spartan Bhangra
White Phuman: UNC Bhangra
Excellent liaisons: Radhika and Payal

Thank you CMU Bhangra for letting us practice in your chadre.

Thank you to for Sharon Castan, Anisha Kolla and Yana Garmash for your support throughout the weekend.


[NDC Acknowledgements]

--Pink: Alisa Quemado, Ashley Espinoza, Bashier Baten, Eric McCord-Snook,
--Yellow: Judy Liu, Naina Sahrawat, Brian Chang, Jordan Falk
--Blue: Kira Heikes, Angela Luo, Ace Motas, Sai Kalla

NDC Mix (Naina ft Teg Hans): https://soundcloud.com/ns_moose/ddr-ndc-2020/
--Mandalorian opening quote: Voice Credit, Armaan Gupta​

Beautiful Paggan: Eric and Srikarran
Chanjar: Bruin Bhangra
White Phuman: UNC Bhangra
Saaps + cones: Spartan Bhangra
Khundey: Ministry of Bhangra
Excellent liaisons: Emily, Aakash and Etaasha.

Thank you Rebecca, Drew and Sharon for your support all weekend!


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@angeblah - your post is missing the videos!

I see that you linked them, but I think this is a copy-paste from Facebook, hence why the YouTube videos/SoundCloud didn't auto embed.

~ Basim :)