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eBhangra Application Packet


New Member
We have just released our application/registration packet for eBhangra 1.0!

For those of you asking "Why $125? that seems a little high doesn't it?":
We want you guys to have some skin in the game - you'll get your money back (as long as you don't flake on your vids and see this thing through.

For further explanation for those that wont actually read the packet:
If you get knocked out of the competition, you get $100 back.
If you flake and don't submit vids after being selected, you get nothing back.

Check our IG @eBhangra for a chance to win free reg!!!
Winner will be randomly selected and will be announced Thursday April 30th at 6 PM EST.

If you have any questions, either comment below or reach to any of us on Board: