Elite 8 Bhangra: New Website and Project Team Applications!

Elite 8 Bhangra

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[SIZE=small]Hey BTF-ers!

Check out our new and improved website www.elite8bhangra.com!
[SIZE=small]Also, if you're interested in volunteering at the show, fill out the Project Team Application![/SIZE]
[SIZE=small]Currently, there are two types of open positions:[/SIZE][SIZE=small][/SIZE]
[SIZE=small]Team Liaison: A liaison will be assigned to every competitive and exhibition team performing at EEBI 2015. They will serve as the team's main point of contact for any questions or concerns and will also accompany the team throughout the weekend. The duties of a liaison range from providing the team with updates about the competition to navigating them around Washington, D.C.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=small]Event Staff: The Event Staff will participate in a wide array of duties. These include but are not limited to backstage operations, ticketing & front end management, merchandising, event setup, transportation and other logistical projects. Members of this team will receive training and gain experience in operational management.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=small]Both positions will also be required to help with marketing aspects of this event. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=small]Oh yeah, and uh... team announcments... Those are coming soon too [/SIZE] 8)