Elite bhangra competition

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Teams wanting to compete in elite bhangra competition on July 15th 2017.

Senior Bhangra teams
1)Shane Punjab
2)BC cultural Academy
3)vancity Bhangra
4) dub city Bhangra (usa Seattle)
5) young Bhangra( Calgary )
6)Rangla Punjab arts academy

Junior Bhangra teams:
1) Shan e punjab arts club
2) Shan e punjab golden boys
3) Bhangra avenue (b.c cultural bhangra academy)
4) ankhiliyan sardarnyan ( b.c cultural bhangra academy)
5) Manu recreations
6) bhangramatics boys and girls
7) young Bhangra (Calgary)
8) Abbotsford arts academy boys
9) Surrey India arts club folk performer boys
10) Surrey India arts club phulkari girls


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