-=Episode 3 of Bhangra Pulse - Anakh Punjab Di with Danny Singh=-


smd, bitch
Anakh Punjab Di has risen from being a small junior team, originally known as Khalsa Junction Juniors, to standing on the shoulders of the North American bhangra scene. Their captain, Danny Singh, takes us on a ride through their rise to prominence.

Again, feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated, and we read and hear everything posted.

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Don't let the name fool you.
APD, madd respect, but please don't kill yourselves with back flips from one tower to another tower. Good episode!


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Nice work! Great improvements on this episode.

Danny is a pretty chill guy. If you're reading, I enjoyed the stories you shared bro. Just be careful with those stunts man, especially considering you mentioned that you do a lot of them on solid concrete!

I also love that's you're is pursing a strong passion of yours (graphic design), so props for doing something outside of the box. I've seen your work and it's quite impressive.

I thought you guys were gonna get PJ to also join into this.. the episode probably would have been better in the sence that it would seem less like an interview (like it felt now), to more of a discussion (as your previous episodes with 2+ people).

Topic suggestion: Maybe once you guys run out of other ideas, it would be cool to hear from the BTF moderator team all together (not sure how many people Skype can accommodate at once). Their thoughts from transitioning from the days of POL, what improvements they see with BTF, what challenges they still face, how the site can continue to grow, maybe do a funny "day in the life of a BTF moderator," future projects you guys plan to take on, best moments from POL/BTF, etc.

Keep it up,

~ Basim :)


smd, bitch
since dheerja has been deported, i will handle some of the discussion aspect on btf. thanks all for the support and downloads, it is greatly appreciated. everything you put back into us, we will try to give back to you all.

basim, thank you for the constant feedback on the episodes, it really is greatly appreciated. some of the improvements in this episode have a lot to do with the fact that we kept the episode to just danny. when you start bringing in more than one person, you really can lose focus very quickly, and just keep talking. we spent 25 minutes talking just about apd; imagine how long the episode would have been if we discussed kj as well? thats why we made the decision (in addition to scheduling changes) to have a separate episode for pj and khalsa junction, because lets admit it, they deserve their own episode. i thank danny again for his time and how candid he was, and his whole approach to the scene, it really is refreshing.

as for a btf moderator discussion/round table, we are a few steps ahead of you brother ;)


Hey guys a it was a blast doing this and the Pulse is a great idea! I still think you guys should start Live Play-by-PLay commentary at actual competitions ;-) and Basim: we'll keep that in mind brother! hehehe

side note: I watched NYPD's TDOT full routine after the interview (ya ya ya, call me late) but the 300 theme was executed nicely by them and its safe to say its their thing and shouldn't be touched. Just my 2 pesos, good stuff fellas!

Looking forward to more great episodes and pleasure to be a part of it!
Peace, Love, Respect to all!


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sulmoney said:
since dheerja has been deported...
hahahaha about time! ;-)

P.S.- Thulman/Dheerj- awesome job with this...it's a wonderful way to hear various members of the scene's thoughts in an open, comfortable environment and you two are the best people for the job! <3