EXTENDED: Menu Tere Jeya & Glad You Came (Dr.Srimix)


Thanks guys!! I just need some extra opinions to complete this, any ideas for segments that could use improvement? any parts that seemed boring or etc?


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Sounds amazing even so far Sri! Makes me bounce my head to the beat.

If you can mix one other song with it & make the transitions sounds clean, it would really add a lot to the mix. I hope you continue to improve on with whatever you do and release the full version for us to enjoy!

~ Basim :)


The vocals of glad you came just don't seem to matchup well in the rhythm. My guess is the cadence isn't perfect, so I would recommend making small adjustments here and there to keep it in the cadence of Menu Tere Jeya

At 2:00, I would keep the breakdown going and not go back to the female vocals. Focus on the instrumentals and melodies, good chance to highlight
2:20, if you can try pitching the glad you came vocals higher and higher to match the vocals. That would really sell the drop into the male vocals
3:03 I like the idea of the dhol transition but I think you should use a more full roll. Try stuttering the last 4 beats or something. I think it should build into the final chorus
I personally missed the mashup of vocals on the finale, would have been a nice way to end (i.e. the ooohs from glad you came and miss pooja's aaaahs. As well as maybe maybe interspersing some 'menu tere jeya'

hope that helps


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Hey guys,

I posted this earlier, thanks for the feedback, this mix has gotten a lot of attention relative to my other mixes. I extended the mix a little, heres the new link:
(edit: link updated, but mix is the same file)

Please give feedback on parts you like and dislike! I'm hoping to complete the mix soon.

Hey guys, I was just googling "Menu Tere Jeya vs Glad You Came" and came across this page. I am looking for the mashup that was once online around 2012. I can't seem to find it anywhere and have looked for years and years. Please if anyone has a link to it then let me know. Hua just signed up to this forum to write this. Fingers crossed.