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F★A★U★J at World's Best Bhangra Crew 2013


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We would like to congratulate all the teams that performed and all the teams that placed at World's Best Bhangra Crew 2013. This competition for the most part ran smoothly and I am sure the reviews have already covered the area for improvement. It took a lot of people to make this competition successful, but we did want to acknowledge the person who we dealt with the most Ankush, thank you for absolutely going above and beyond your responsibilities. To keep it short and sweet, the entire Fauj team has a lot of love and respect for you. We also wanted to give a shout out to Cornell for the Saap our liaison Varun and all the AEG boys who did an amazing job.

Also a big shoutout to Bhangra Knights! Such a respectable and humble group of guys. It was an honor getting to know you guys this weekend, couldn't have picked a better match up. Also commendable for taking this rivalry to the next level. You guys won the battle but the war isn't over. We will be seeing you guys soon! ;) Check the video out below captured by the one only Harjot Hundal!:

FAUJ @ Worlds Best Bhangra Crew 2013


That was awesome, well done. I really enjoyed watching this. Should have gotten first place IMO.

Post the mix too, it's legit.


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Cherag said:
It took a lot of people to make this competition successful, but we did want to acknowledge the person who we dealt with the most Ankush, thank you for absolutely going above and beyond your responsibilities.
FAUJ @ Worlds Best Bhangra Crew 2013
Like I told all the boys there also, you guys are the typical guys team at a competition but very respectful at the same time. Glad you boys had a good time and once again thank you all for coming out and putting on a hell of a show and making the BK vs FAUJ rivalry truly come to life!


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You guys have been consistently the best team in the circuit this year. This performance did not prove otherwise.


My favourite team on the circuit right now. Only thing that might've held you guys back was that people had seen a lot of your gimmicks like the hidden saaps and the tank, so the effect was diminished to an extent. Keep up the good work! Hope to see you guys continue to compete often in the future.


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Love this team love the performance, So glad to see a team finally use Disc'ch kali in there mix reminds me of india in january every single party hahah



The form, creativity, and cleanliness are amazing. There's never a "if only they got lower" or "if only they had more stage presence" or "if only they weren't so boring" moment in the set. And Cherag, how the hell do you get in to jugni with your jodi on your shoulders...

Last year when we saw you at VPD, you guys were so sick and blew us away, but this year was just a different level. You guys may be the only "modern"-choreo team I like (in terms of variations of moves). I will say, I like parts of the Bell set and parts of the BBC set better, but I understand changing the set for different comps and time restrictions. If you guys use the lighters ever again, I'd try doing something with blacking out lights to make it hit harder?

My vote for team of the year, no doubt, and I'm really excited to see what you guys bring next year!

Had a blast hangin with you guys again last weekend. UNC has mad love for FAUJ!

Chirag N

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I was so impressed by this performance- the choreography was not only creative but you guys killed the execution. In my opinion, inspired and well performed choreo is so much more entertaining to watch than creative gimmicks. This is one of my favorite sets ever and FAUJ wins my vote for team of the year as well.

P.S. Congrats to the guys on BU for taking first at Boiler this weekend! Very entertaining to watch in person.


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Great performance guys! The choreo throughout the set was fresh and exciting, and I love that you guys 1-up yourself on the ending gimmick every comp.

-saap and khunde segments were amazing
-jodi khunde slow down was my favorite step in the performance
- loved the tower but wish it would have been in front so everyone could see the base go no hands!
-the stutter at 6:06 with the dings was awesome

I saw you guys live at VPD last year, I haven't gone back and watched either of those videos, but I remember being blown back by your energy.

I saw you guys live again at bell this year, but i definitely saw a drop in energy from the previous year. Watching the WBBC video, I feel the same thing. There were huge impact moments where I felt like all the guys on stage went for it and really sold the steps, but there were also times where energy was really inconsistent from dancer to dancer. purple and green jodi stood out to me throughout the set, and i remember those dancers also standing out at bell also (dont remember what color they wore there tho).

Definitely a great year for Fauj, but you have to push your dancers harder as your sets become more demanding. congrats!


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obviously this is an awesome awesome performance (i got to see it live!) and everyone knows that so i'm just going to give a really small constructive critique of something i noticed...

so i have had to work on this a lot personally but POSTURE! it makes a big diff. i noticed in your sapp segment that a lot of people have a little hunch - everything looks so much more powerful when your chest is open and your shoulders are back. with sapps especially it can make a difference - keeps the tension out of your shoulders. i def noticed it on myself coming from a girls' team where i'm always fighting to look more powerful. it made a HUGE diff to my season when i started improving that (at least i think so :) )

keep at it! you guys are one of my favorite teams