Facebook and Google come together


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Police said some residents have woken up to find youngsters using their pools.
- Article

It would be smart to install a 'flush' feature in to the pool - they won't see it coming.


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Manjot said:
kinnell said:
Wow classic.

Now imagine when Google Maps becomes live feed.... Game over.
i doubt they be allowed to do that
it's not a matter of allowed: it's not technologically possible. let's reconvene in 20 years on this :) lol

PS - what might be possible on a shorter timeframe is not a spacecraft but an aircraft like a balloon, blimp, or UAV, that can continue to image one area (read: city). with spacecraft you're flying around the Earth at 17,000 mph it's kinda hard (read: impossible) to get that persistent imagery.

ok sorry, back to teenagers finding pools.