Farishtey @ Legacy of Bhangra 2019 (Debut)


Yo yo kidaan dosto!

Thank you to Harry and Legacy for giving us the opportunity to put on our debut performance. We've been talking about starting this team for two years and it’s been awesome thus far. Working with Sehj, Sartaj and Harji has been incredibly fun and can’t wait to see where the team goes from here. We’re super proud of our first ever performance and our dancers for all of their hard work.

So many people helped us get to this comp, but here are a few shout outs:
  • Amit Kohli (@Legitamit) for working with us on creating a fire mix that represented our vision
  • Jesse Nijjar for flying in to support and tying some fire paghs
  • Our whole angel network (friends and family) for coming out to support. We wouldn’t be here without you!
  • Gagan Dholi for absolutely killing it on the dagga on one day notice.
  • @vuongptnguyen for designing our logo and gear. Hit him up for all your design needs!
  • Bruin Bhangra for letting us borrow all the props we used. See you soon ;)
Congrats to the placing teams, as well as the rest of the lineup for putting on an amazing show. Here is Farishtey’s video from Legacy of Bhangra 2019! We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed dancing :) Any feedback is always appreciated!

Pink: Kamal Singh and Anuj Gupta
Green: Sahib Singh and Mehr Singh
Blue: Guransh Singh and Devam Dhawan
Orange: Harji Charaia and Arjun Sharma
Black: Amit Multani and Akum Grewal
Red: Sehj Singh and Sartaj Panesar
Dholi: Gagan Dholi

Here is our official mix:

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