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Farishtey @ NDC 2020 (1st Place + Best Mix)


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What's up y'all!

I want to start off by congratulating DDR and CMU on their placings and the rest of the teams for putting up such great performances! Y'all are keeping the circuit as strong and fresh as ever.

I'm going to give a list of shoutouts because this weekend definitely would not have been possible without the support and love of these people.

The BIGGEST shoutout goes to BU and our angel on the east coast, Devam, for putting together our vardiyaan for us. We asked for our vardiyaan to be delivered straight to Cleveland and, unfortunately, found out on our flight there that they were stuck in Punjab customs loll. BU very kindly let us use their old paghan, kurte, and vests. <3

Shoutout to Srikarran and AEG as well! After we reached out Thursday night, Karan drove out 8 hours on Friday to bring us chadre and play dhol with us. Thanks a lot brother!!

Huge shoutout to Thanvi, our liaisons Sam/Jenish/Aranya, and the rest of the NDC committee for running one of the best-organized comps we've ever attended. Every single minute of the show day was planned out and our liaisons made sure we were where we needed to be at all times. We were told after tech time that we'd perform at 6:11 and that's exactly when we went up. Great job with everything homies :)

Thank you to the judges Sid, Simran, Eshann, Sahab, and Kuntal for a very insightful and constructive meeting.

Also, shoutout to my co-captains: Sartaj, Harji, and Guransh (thank you Kalerity for the fire mix!!!!!), the team, and all our supporters (Vuong, Sukhi, Harman, and Simi).

Red: Sehj Singh, Mehr Singh, Dhruv Patel
Purple: Harji Charaia, Arjun Sharma, Amit Multani
Green: Sartaj Panesar, Alvin Nagi, Kamal Singh
Black: Guransh Kaler, Jesse Nijjar, Ashmita Kaur

Without further ado, here is our mix and performance from NDC 2020:
Mix: Video: