★★★ FAUJ @ Bruin Bhangra 2014 ★★★


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We want to thank everyone who organized the competition. We had an amazing time. Big shoutout to our liaison, Sunny, for having our backs the entire weekend along with the rest of the committee volunteers. A big thanks to Sahib and Vaibhav for all of your logistical assistance and for putting on a great show. Below is our performance video and the mix. This weekend also marked the 4th year to when FAUJ started and it was an honor gracing the stage with our Sher Foundation family from Cali to celebrate it! It has been a great run so far, and we'll continue to do what we love as a team. Thanks for all of the love and support over the years! And congrats to our brothers on Bhangra Knightz and Ankhiley-E-Gabroo for placing!

FAUJ @ Bruin Bhangra 2014


Enjoy 8)


Cherag's choice of editing for the video (while understandable) doesn't even come close to showing the epicness of their entire tank+door blown off+sher foundation+team-entrance gimmick

Shit was crazy yo, energy in the audience was incredible. FAUJ always gives you one extra thing on what you expect, so entertaining.


Ullas, you look so pretty when you dance...great job dude.

I think FAUJ pretty consistently has the best ideas on the circuit, both formation- and choreo-wise. Something about this routine's execution was a little off, I'm not sure if it was a lack of energy or tiredness or something. It just wasn't as punchy as I've seen you guys do before.


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Baby Doll + Banke patola jadon nachi balle ballo hogi mitro


Lacked the usual Fauj PUNCH but still so damn raw.

The LA backdrop was majestic.


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I became a huge fan of Fauj after their performance at the bell this year. Their performance there, for me at least, should have gotten them the number 1 spot. Having said that, if i had to compare these 2 performances i would rate the performance at bell slightly better. There was just some cleanliness missing. Not the usual clean Fauj i've been watching. Having said that, the performance was still an amazing and enjoyable one. The mix was EPIC. From the saap work to the khunde, always something new to see. I particularly enjoyed the work on the saaps. The sync you guys have is amazing! Congrats on the placing, it was well deserved! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next!!


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Like the mix a lot! Esp saaps and the sequence of takdiyan rehndiyan, banke patola jadon nachi, ye duniya pittal di, jide liye main printed jean payi! So good!

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Not too bad at all altough I did like your other set's a little bit more. Choregraphy + formations were on point, very impressed by that for sure. Shikkay segment was my favorite, so much energy. I thought the mix could've been a little bit better. The background thingy = WOW, never seen that done before ever. I wasn't really a fan of the old team coming back/ "armies" uniting thing, it just didn't hit for me and when 1 of them forgets the choreo it ruins the whole moment. All in all, good set.


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Gursewak Singh said:
The link please..?
Link for what exactly? Check the first post.

If you're looking for the soundcloud link, click on the blue strip on the bottom of embedded soundcloud mix and you can go to soundcloud directly to download the mix.

~ Basim :)