- When you flex the hi hats at around 1:00 min use the slicing algorithm rather than polyphonic: polyphonic distorts the hi hats. Or if that's just how the hi hats sound then disregard this!
- Try to maybe change the dhol syncopation once in a while?
- The dub step hit at around 2:00 was quite an interesting direction to the mix! I would say try to maybe be consistent from start to end and try to expand on that by using more dubstep overall in the rest of the mix
- I would urge you to try to expand and try to add another song on top of this mix and try to make it a mashup since I can tell that's the direction you were headed
- I would def try to use the hoyes less and maybe add more reverb and distortion to try to make them more ambient

Overall great job! Try to push the boundaries of this mix and try to see what else you can do rhythmically and melodically!