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Final Mixing Ladder Week! No Challenge mixes

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BTF Mixing Mod
Below are the mixes from incomplete challenges. All of these DJ's have won their challenges by default. Thank you all for participating and being timely with submissions! We hope the ladder has helped you hone your mixing skills and receive great feedback on how to improve your style.

Matchup 1: DJ MOMO vs. DoubleA. The assigned song was Yaar - Lehember Hussanpuri, linked below:

The mixer (DJ MOMO) submission is below:

Matchup 2: DJ Juggy vs. RSD. The assigned song was Ni Aaja Bhabi, Manmohan, linked below:

The mixer (RSD) submission is below:

Matchup 4: Suave Sahib (No contest). The assigned song was Bass Ve, Bally Jagpal, linked below:

The mixer submission is below:


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What's up homies, it's a damn pleasure to be back looking at BTF after some time. A big thank you to @Basim and @TegHans for keeping this idea going. It's very challenging to motivate folks at times but I hope to add a level of inspiration for some of the newer DJs here.

Here is some feedback for each DJ:

DJ Momo
0:00 - The Killmonger vocal from Black Panther is creative. Great way of starting the track.
0:07 - Remove the vocal about "Wakanda". It gives away where the vocal is from and you also want it relevant to the mix/performance.
0:08 - Good use of dagga intro from Yaar.
0:12 - You are stretching "Pray For Me" like crazy and I don't personally like to push songs that are too far apart tempo wise. Even though you have Killmonger in in your intro, find a better drum beat so your percussion is stronger.
0:22 - Love the Dre vocal.
0:25 - Good use of dhamaal custom dhol over the synths here. This works very well and I like the dreamy feel on the song.
0:49 - Strong hit that works well. Keep it regular tempo for the first 8 counts and then slow it down. Shout to Pavan Mac for being the first mixer to ever slow down a mix in a Bhangra mix from back in the day.

0:00 - Tru-Skool sample is gold but it's too low volume wise. The bassline on that is dope as hell.
0:10 - The drums are nice at the hit here and I'm a fan of the sarangi.
0:19 - Switch up the drum pattern from your initial hit at 10 seconds.
0:39 - Drown effect is beautiful.
0:44 - Hit works very well but add another layer (either hi-hats or 808's). Think about a layered journey with each segment.

0:00 - Beat is okay, not the greatest first impression sonically but with some more energy you can build on this or use something else.
0:04 - Wait another 4 counts to bring in Amar Arshi.
0:12 - This part is a hit but doesn't feel like it with what you're doing. Change it up 4 counts before so the hit feels strong.
0:35 - Another opportunity to wait 4 counts with an echo effect to really play with your audience. Then drop the hit with the drums here. This would add some variety.
0:35 - Love these drums and the flute type sound you have here.
0:49 - My favorite portion of the mix. Love the reverse idea that you have here. It reminds me a lot of The Weeknd's work.
0:59 - This funk synth feels a bit random and not too much of a fan of how it's overshadowing Amar Arshi's vocals.

Tried to be very specific with practical feedback so you guys can think about a different way of approaching each second of your mixes. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions on my feedback.

Again, thank you for all the love and support and best of luck with the ladder challenges!

Iqwak Bhurji
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