First Class Bhangra @ Bhangra Fever 4


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Hey BTF!

We at FCB want to thank everyone involved with Bhangra Fever and all the teams for having and making it a really fun weekend. All the teams were awesome to hang with, and the committee was very responsive, and easy to work with!

FCB always has an AMAZING time wherever we go, and encourage all to come say hello and hang if you get the chance. We had an incredible experience on stage and there is no better feeling than hearing the crowd go nuts :) ;D

Personal shout out to my team, my brothers, my family, for being amazing people and I wouldn't trade spending a bhangra weekend them for anything.

First Class Bhangra - Bhangra Fever 4

Feb 16 just wasn't our night, but that's ok. We had an amazing time regardless. Congrats to all the teams that performed, and the placing teams! Seriously: a GREAT bhangra show. Y'all are sexy ;)

Red: Ram, Harman
Blue: Sid, Pankaj
Black: Sahil, Akash
Yellow: Ravi, Amar
Pink: Amal, Azie
Brown: Rajesh, Karnbir
Dholi/Singer: Ram V


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this set > the first place team. and overall cleaner too. though there were couple slip ups here and there truly enjoyed the performance, the dancer skill went up alot from the last vid i saw. great great job.


Jeez Sid, how did you have the presence of mind to slide over that khunda that was slickkkkk haha

Hoya Singh

You guys bring it harder and harder each comp you go to! Interested to see the rest of the videos but this was clean, exciting, and the execution was there so I'm confused as to how this didn't place. Regardless though you guys killed it if you had a good time thats all that matters, props!


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great set FCB! definitely one of the best ones you guys have put up to date. individual dancer skill has certainly gotten better, but more importantly team execution has improved multiple fold. this set seemed to master the balance between complicated choreo and quality execution which i think has been an achilles heel/eluded you all in the past. also mad props on the mix - the thrift shop/tohr punjabian di background in the khunde track was too nice.

i really want to see all the teams videos now after getting a taste of NGPD and FCB. pretty shocked the NGPD set got 1st and FCB didn't place comparing the two videos to one another. cleanliness and overall execution don't seem to have been a priority for the judges at this comp...

Sue Sylvester

The mistakes, I assume, are probably what kept you guys from placing. The dancing was cleaner than NGPD, but those mistakes, unfortunately became too commonplace in the performance. I disagree with the notion that overall this was better than NGPD - NGPD was more creative and more bigger-picture-oriented, which simply just hits harder. (You guys are more intricate and detail-oriented with your choreography.) And honestly, the Gur Naal Ishq Mitha gimmick didn't hit for me at all and kinda took away from the better, banner bust out.

You guys have gotten to the point where your dancers have begun to dance like a team and are able to dance at a similar level. Even with the mistakes, this performance is something to be proud of. But the next step is to raise that bar. Your dancing as a team almost comes off as tired and stiff - your dancers need to extend more, lift their legs higher, keep their hands up straighter and just finish some of those moves. The black jodi occasionally does this better than the rest, but they're not completely consistent throughout the performance. And even though you guys do vigorous things like the claps-under-squats and 16-beat jumps, you guys look like you guys are struggling through it.

And the Tohr Punjabia Di & Thrift Shop remix was sex.


Haven't been on here in ages but needed to tell you guys that was sick. Probably one of your cleanest sets, you guys continually raise the bar on creativity/entertainment and I agree with sumeet/romeen, it's hard to understand how this doesn't place. Definitely thought this was at LEAST on par with the first place team, if not better. I'd love to know the mindset/expectations of the judges.


I think this set and execution were hands down better than NGPD even with the mistakes. Kept waiting for FCB to have a break out performance, and I think this was definitely it


great work guys!. you guys have come a long way and keep improving with each performance. i would say some segments that you guys do look a little forced, especially with the new dancers. but cant wait to see the next performance, goodluck


Man, I've always been a fan of FCB and love what you bring to the stage. I feel like what always hurt you boys was being clean and these minor mess ups here and there that leave a lasting impression. Your ideas and mix segments are always HOT! But some of these ideas you have can go from being a simple "Oh, that was cool." to straight jaw-dropping "HFS, WHOA! DID THEY JUST DO THAT?!?" with the right execution and right timing in your mix. I haven't been able to finish an entire 7-8min Bhangra performance on YouTube for a while now and lose interest quick because routines nowadays have become so predictable (and IMHO, boring.), but this was definitely a treat. I haven't watched any of the other Fever videos, but it must've been intense.

Can't wait to see what you guys bring to Bruin this year!