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*First Class Bhangra - Bhangra in the Burgh 9 GTV*


Today is a gift
Hello friends, countrymen, khunde, and fellow bhangra enthusiasts. Here is our performance from this past veekend:

! No longer available

The jodis:

Red: Ramakrishnan Singh(nee Mahalingam) / Dhir Singh(nee Patwa)
Pink: Siddharth Singh(nee Pandit) / Jigar "Jigvinder" Singh (nee Saraiya)
Blue: Akash "Not a girl" Singh (nee Bansal) / Monica "I am a Girl" Kaur (nee Srinivasa)
Green : Umer Singh (Nee Firelord Qureshi) / Rishab (nee Humar)
Black: Azie Singh (Nee Dhingra) / Jay Singh ( Nee Vakil)
Dark Blue: Rohan Singh (Nee Bansal) / Mitra Singh (Nee Patel)
Purple: Ajay Singh (Nee Kanakamedala) / Akshdeep Dhaliwal (boo boring)
Yellow: Neel Singh (Nee Brahme) / Nithin Singh (nee Santhanam)
RIP: Salman Khan

Chimta: Gurdas Mann
Sher: Some dude from a Punjabi Grocery Store
Dhol: A dhol
Dholi: Dholi Ram
Katos: Plane Sytrofoam baby
Saaps: Wood?
Khunde: Also Wood(starring role baby)
Paghs: Some cloth material
Pagh Tier: Tejas from CMU. May your much ever get you the kudiyaan.

Just wanna give a couple of shoutouts:

Peeps from Tartan Bhangra Squad: Y'all have been family since the day FCB was straight incepted. Love y'all to death and please keep delaying the retirement.

All of the people who came to practice and filled spots: Shivani/Rishaan and countless others peeps were just on fleek in terms of their responsibilities

Neel and Meghana, y'all were dope liaisons. Thank you for attending to our needs and bringing us an assortment of goodies and good cheer.

CMU Bhangra - without the love and support you all display for dance and helping us out, we wouldn't have been able to put on the show we did.

Hombres and Muchachos backstage: Chandra/Raji/Rupa Mehta[always clutch]/Rev(THE REV)/Aniket(back from india)/Sugames/All the tossers. Y'all killed it helping us get ready.

Our audience - thank you to those who spent a cold Saturday to come watch us perform. We are nothing without the love and support of our family and fans.

Dude from another mother: Harjot Hundal. Hanging out with you this weekend was great. A class act in the bhangra community. Much love brotha.

Sahil Mehta: Without your existence Dhir Patwa would not have the haircut(or lack thereof) right now.

Roll Call:

Pankaj Aggarwal and Harman Deol - always in our hearts and minds
Rohit Kabra - welcome back to the hood
Swi - your mustache belongs in a porn video
Reeda - maybe our trophies won't break next time?
Partik - stick to starching paghs, not hair
Davis - Finally touched that bhangra belt
Kinnell - where did that beard go?
ASG - purple on purple on purple dho
Gagan - #beenheresince7
Guppy - please sing for me
CMU Alumni - so many of yall, but we love yall
Kaartik M - High performance, delivered
Sumeet - may your flowers ever prosper
Aalok M - You know, that thing
SMD - Our sisters - so much love!
Allen Iverson - We talking about practice?
Amar Rao - for sweet sweet bass lines

Also putting out an APB for a Big Gulp from 7/11, last seen being passed around like a hot potato. If you find it, know that it holds the secret to eternal life.


If you have another view of the performance feel free to throw it up on here or email it to us at firstclassbhangra@gmail.com!


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Saab said:
Also putting out an APB for a Big Gulp from 7/11, last seen being passed around like a hot potato. If you find it, know that it holds the secret to eternal life.

I last saw (and drank from) it at Shalini's place.


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the first video i saw of this set was a slightly blurred one from an angle, and i was in awe. it was so apparent that the returning dancers had improved a great deal since just bruin, the posture, move completion, everything. stage presence of course has never been lacking.

i know there were a good amount of newer/first time FCB dancers, and i think besides the obvious moments that i don't need to comment on, they seemed to put in the work they needed to blend in a deliver a hype performance from their ends as well.

from start to finish there is so much intricacy/complexity in the choreography, and it never fails to baffle me how FCBs always been able to come up with them and somehow make them flow. ive seen it on both sides (obviously dancing with this team last year) but i saw this set for the first time when the video was posted.

im really, really sad i didn't get ot dance this set with you guys. im assuming the few more obvious mistakes are the only justification for not getting first - the set as a whole was way better than NJs. work on some stamina with a couple of guys and clean up some minor things and there's not much more you can do.


Don't post on here much anymore, but saw this and just wanted to say how much fun it was to watch. Happy to see teams that still take risks and set the bar high for themselves. Good job boys, this set made me miss being on stage.


I know that I performed with this squad for this competition and am close with these guys but being objective here--- The work that these guys (and girls) put in the formations/mix/props is ridiculous. I love the fact that FCB constantly thinks outside the box and puts on creative and quality sets/formations which gets the crowd GOING.

From my seat in the house during the performance---That crowd @ burgh (i know that it was FCB's pind) that was so gahhhd daYum loud. Personally---I loved every second of it---it was FUN and it makes performing worth it, especially with this squad which I am sure that they are gona improve as the season continues!

- Dholi Ram


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You guys are one a path to redefine bhangra. Huge props for being different and consistently doing your own thing! Wish the set was executed a bit more cleanly, but nonetheless solid performance! 'Grats, first class.

Extra Thoughts:
-I think saap segment, here, (despite the great choreo) was one of the least energetic segments in the routine. Several guys weren't fully extending their saaps. Some seemed frazzled with the movements and forms. Ya'll have killed it before (bruin, elite, wbbc) with a saap segment towards the end of a routine, so I'm assuming this was just one of those anomalies.
-Love the magnets + saaps behind the back, but took too long to get done, and as a result the idea just didn't hit as well as it could have. I feel like I knew what was coming. There are sooo many more things you guys can do with this idea! Definitely look into pushing this idea to newer boundaries
-I think transition into jhoomer, though it fit with the flow of the routine, was just too quick. I always appreciate a smoother transition into jhoomer, so teams could emphasize the segment a bit more. Seems like you guys got into jhoomer too abruptly, but that's just based on my preferences.
-Jay and Azie killed the second jhoomer song. Props!
-Daang segment was too fresh.
-Innovative mechanisms to get into formations. Always a huge fan of complex formations
-Great movement. Didn't feel like one jodi was in the front or back for too long at any time of the routine. Great job at trusting all of your dancers.

I could send over a longer critique/review if you guys want sometime later if you guys would want one! Again, 'grats on the placings! Hope to see you guys on the west coast again 8)


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Saab said:
Sahil Mehta: Without your existence Dhir Patwa would not have the haircut(or lack thereof) right now.

1. I'm really happy my name is spelled correctly.
2. You guys killed it, energy is still unreal. Remembering the FCB of old vs the FCB of now, its spectacular how much you guys have persevered. Mad entertaining and congrats on 2nd place!
3. Dhir - keep repping the mitten. Hope to compete against you guys soon. I want to see this new hairstyle of yours. Couldn't really tell from the video :p
4. Jay, also keep repping the mitten. Please and thank you.