Furteelay @ Bhangra in the Burgh 2017


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Hey Everyone,

Here is our video from Burgh.


Red- Simz and Arun
Blue- Manvir and Waluigi (Jaskirat Vig)
Ferozi- Soorya and Dhruva
Green- BJ and Rishi
Yellow- Arjun and Amal
Black- Eric and Karam
Purple- Sahab

Please leave us any and all constructive feedback. Our team is always looking to improve at the next comp.

We would like to give special thanks to some people who made this performance happen.

-AEG ( @Howie Magz ) thank you for lending us your chadreh. You guys drove back to New York, no questions asked, and helped our team out. Thank you!
- @GSingh @TegHans @prodigy @legitamit @Soorya for producing this mix. You guys are straight fire.
- Burgh committee. Thank you for running such an organized comp and hosting an amazing line-up
-Tejas, Hardik, Sahil and Karam. Tying paghs. Thank you for you helping out and making the performance happen.
-All the Pitt and FCB fam who were great hosts. You guys made our first visit to the Steel City, a great experience. We look forward to coming back.
- Fuel and Fuddle for the Big Ass Brownies. Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Amrit Singh

Sick set. This furteelay has a new and different style from the bruin 2016 and before furteelay and I think it's working well for your team. Most significant critique I would have is that your segments seem very disconnected, and I think part of it may be the number of people you had working on the mix. It almost becomes obvious when you're using different DJs between segments and I think it compromised the overall flow of the set, even though each segment alone was very well done. I don't mix at all but I think taking the time to smooth out the edges between the individual mixes after you pieced them together would go a long way.


Watched you guys live and even though you performed first, after you performed I was like damn, there is no way they arent placing tonight. Made me more amped for our performance.

All in all, You guys got robbed.


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watching this live from the audience was so memorable, thanks for sharing the video so soon. I felt there was something to cheer for throughout the whole performance and the crowd was so involved and talking about it all night. Like others said, this was surely a placing worthy performance


Aruan S.
I Also agree, This set should have placed too,
The only thing that makes formations beautiful to watch is, how smooth the team transitions between each formation, and you can tell, Furteelay truly understands that...The execution of your actions is excellent, and being able to complete those actions
on the spot for ex.. Furteelay needs to give the whole Bhangra Circuit a Tutorial on how to execute Jandhu Singha/moor-chaal, like they
did at 2:42...
7:18 the luddi action leaving the stage was sikkk, 5:04 didn't expect that, I consider that a "wow" factor imo..there are so many things to talk about here...This team never fails to impress, when it comes to high Energy, move execution, and just simply dancing with Josh...
I ain't no judge so don't want to do a critical analysis of the entire performance..
but I think the minor mistakes in the set, rushed movements and sloppiness of a few of the dancers, probably contributed to not placing...

Edit: Burgh should further space out those big ass lights on the side stage,
Im suprised a 14 or 16 man team was able to perform in that tiny space..
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Being an OG of this team and not being involved for the last few years, this set was fire. When I watched it live through the livestream I wasn't too impressed, but after rewatching it a few times the set grew on me. I will say that compared to Circle City this was a small step down imo, but the dancers held it down nonetheless. Black johri did stick out a few times. Seemed like they lost some energy and got lazy during a few segments. Otherwise, very little mistakes. You guys should've placed 1st or 2nd. Toss up between you guys and FCB.

That sharaabi chaal drop @5:03 was litty titty.
Ending was unique and hit just as hard as would a fast ending segment. Loved it.

@sahab and whoever else is involved keep it up man you guys are taking this team to new heights. Excited to see what comes next.

Ritesh Kashyap

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So jealous I didn't get to see this live, this was such a hype performance great job to your whole team! Overall, I think this was a great performance but a couple things stuck out:
- 4:53 yellow dude in front KILLED
- Energy of the whole team throughout was amazing
- One that is unique about furteelay's form is the way that you guys hold your arms kind of inwards from the elbows and keep elbows out idk how to explain it but it is clear that black jodi is new or less experienced with furteelay form because they didn't do that so just standardize that
- As the set went forward some of the dancers started not completing the moves, make sure you fill the beat with the music, red jodi did this extremely well
- you guys got robbed smh but definitely looking forward to you guys coming back for redemption


In my honest opinion, I thought this performance was imaginative and fun but not as good as Circle City's performance. The choreo here was fresh but wasn't cleaned enough, the mix segments were solid but literally felt like an amalgamation of segments, and energy was good but I've seen every single one of the 12 dancers perform better earlier this year. The good news is that nothing was flawed fundamentally (in my opinion) and the only things you need to do are workshop the segments in your set that aren't perfect, continue cleaning the literal frick (in honor of Bobby) out of the dancers, and just keep bumping the mix until you find parts you don't like and change them. Honestly, you guys just need more prep time to put on the best performance of the year.

I will say that I'm thoroughly impressed with the difficulty of the set and how well every dancer completed it, furteelay definitely pushed their dancers to a remarkable limit so shout out to everyone on stage!

I know every furteelay dancer has already heard their fair shares of "you should've placed" but the fact of the matter is you didn't. However, whether or not you agree with the judging, everything called out has been valid and I know you guys will bounce back like none other. I'm super excited to see you guys perform at Mela!


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After watching the videos, I'd say there is little to separate you guys and NSG. I really liked your intro and loved the jhummer (been trying to use aaja nachle for the past 8 years, bally sagoo FTW). Combo at 6:22-630 is fire fire. I am fairly certain going first here didnt help your case and that is rather unfortunate, judges should be able to retain memory of what happened just an hour or 2 earlier. Some criticisms, moving your khunde segment to a later part of the set did not add value for me. Agree with Eshaan that your circle city PERFORMANCE was better, I think you can combine the best parts of the two sets to create something truly special.

1. NSG (by a point or 2)
2. FS
3. FCB


I know you guys are sick of hearing this, but I don't know how the judges didn't have you placing. Y'all had a more creative set, way more josh, and overall just danced better than the 3rd place team imo.

The one thing I can say needed tightening up was your cleanliness with formations. Too many times people weren't staying directly behind the person they were supposed to be behind and that shit is way too obvious on Burgh stage. Transitions between formations also weren't clean and sometimes didn't make a lot of sense--stuff to work on for next semester.

Keep grinding and hyped to see what you guys bring next

@arun you look like Diljit but you were nasty homie