Furteelay Shokeen at Buckeye Mela 2018


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Hey Everyone,

Below is our video and mix from Buckeye Mela 11

Buckeye Mela is known for their hospitality, and the story is no different here. Thank you to the board, committee, liaisons, volunteers, etc. for throwing such an organized and enjoyable competition. We all on Furteelay greatly appreciate your work. Congrats to DDR and UNC on their respective placings, and congrats to all the teams for putting on a great show. The following is a group of individuals who helped make the performance happen.

- @Mr. Mankiran , Jayveer, Sukhraj: Thank you for tying paghs
- Sherniyan di Sarkari: Thank you for letting us borrow your phuman
- KPGD/MBT: Thank you for letting us borrow your pagh patis
- Shoutout to everyone who let us borrow vardiyan pieces!
- Shout to the incredible BhoopsENT for recording our performance

Red- Arun Singh/ Umer Qureshi
Purple-Ericpreet Singh/ Rajesh Bramhane
Pink- Soorya Ramappan/ Dhruva Vish
Green- Rishi Kumar/ Rohan Batra
Black- Sid Pawa/ Neel Kurapati
Yellow- Amal Ivaturi/ Arjun Chadha
Ferozi (light blue)- Jesse Mangat/ Sahab Grover

Mix: Gsimz, Gsingh, LegitAmit, Dj Sur

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Jaskirat Vig
Congrats on your placing! Here's my thoughts on your set:
Intro - I thought the throwback intro was a dope idea but I felt that the intro segment as a whole felt very disconnected. It was almost as if you guys took 2 intro segments and stapled them together so either figure out a better transition or pick one or the other.
Saaps - I liked how you did the moosewala drop from burgh with saaps
El Sueno - Mix creativity wise, this was hot. Loved the drop formation change as it looked cleaner.
Khunde - I thought this segment was too simple and there was nothing memorable. It also felt way too short.
Jhummar - Best part of the set. Loved the unexpected jump and buildup with the claps.
Bhangra segment - Formationally, the transition into this segment was dope. Middle and end of the segment felt stagnant formationally though because red basically stayed front center the whole time.
Phumaniyaan/ Ending were both hot.
Overall: To get the execution up to the next level, I think you guys can work on being cleaner as a team. Ex. if I pause at any point in the video, everyone should be hitting the same angles/ arm placements etc. The dancing at burgh was much better imo (only bc I danced at Burgh and not at Mela :p ). I look forward to seeing you guys in the future!

Howie Magz

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Finally got around to watching this and I have to say that this was a very entertaining set. Furteelay has really stepped it up this season especially in the choreography with moves that are refreshing and bringing a very energetic electrifying style that is unique to you guys. Once again great job on training your young dancers. I'm sure you guys know what you did well, but lets get into the things that need to be improved on. A couple of things with this set I noticed:

Although the choreography was great, it seems like not all of the dancers are able to keep up with the choreography at times (one of the purple dancers looked gassed before jhoomer and at the end of the set). Just keep training their stamina and it will really begin to show. Don't dumb down the set, get your dancers to the level where they can execute this clean and with energy.

You guys have great form from your dancers, but sometimes when I see someone come to the front and go buck wild it really takes away from being clean as a whole unit. At those moments the whole squad looks sloppy and not uniform which takes away from the synchronization and cleanliness of your team.

In terms of formations, the issue is that a lot of your dancers need to learn to get to their formation at the same time. A lot of the formations that I saw, I would see one jodi reach their spot way quicker than their respective jodi. Those are some of the biggest things to clean and contributed to me not being able at times to tell what formation was being executed.

Your dancers need to learn to dance in their formation and not get out of their formations. In jhoomer there was a M that looked like that was made. Although stationary in that M for the majority of jhoomer I could not see the same M as it became lopsided.

Keep up the good work guys. Excited to see what you guys bring to MCB ;)


Aruan S.
Crazy energy throughout!! this type of set, is really meant to emphasize the set actions.
although a few dancers here and there were losing energy, they still managed to push through till the end and complete
every action with a smile.. 3:22 is dope and always hits hard... Mix was hype