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Furteelay Shokeen @ Buckeye Mela 2019 - First Place


Hi everyone!

We are very excited to share our first place performance from Buckeye Mela 2019! It was a great experience to work with such a talented group of dancers, and we are excited for what's next. There were a lot of people who contributed to this performance so I would like to give a shout out to the following people:

  • My fellow captains and coaches (Arun Singh, Eric Singh, Gursimran Singh, Sahab Grover) for helping make such a fun set to dance to and helping our dancers get to the next level.
  • Gursimran Singh (Gsimz) and Puneet Pabla (Pablamix) for making a fire ass mix and giving me the opportunity contribute to it as well.
  • Sunny, Baltej, and RVD for allowing us to borrow their khundey and pink vests.
  • Our teammate Harsimran Mann for holding it down on the dhol.
  • Our awesome liasons Afraaz, Raveed, and Shivani for being so helpful over the weekend.
  • The Buckeye Mela board for hosting an amazing competition and making our weekend pretty stress free.
  • Sukhraj Bual and Sunpreet Singh for tying fantastic paghs as usual.
  • Our family and friends that made the trip down to support us and helped us every step of the way.
  • Sheena and SDS for letting us borrow their hand rumaals.
  • Anyone else who helped us out with anything over the weekend that I might have forgot to mention.
Listed below is the link to our video! Enjoy!

Red: Arun Singh and Soorya Ramappan
Blue: Eric Singh and Baltej Athwal
Yellow: Manvir Dhaliwal and Amal Ivaturi
Ferozi: Gursimran Singh and Harman Sidhu
Pink: Ammansher Sidhu and Himmat Jagdev
Purple: Jasmeet Chahal and Sid Pawa
Orange: Raj Bramhane and Rishi Kumar
Green: Rohan Batra and Raj Bari


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Sick mix @Gsimz ! Formations and moves were a bit messy at times but alotta hard hitting points in the routine which kept it HYPE! Congrats on the 1st place boys!