Furteelay Shokeen (First Place) @ Motor City Bhangra 2018


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Hello Everyone!

We proudly present our first place performance at Motor City Bhangra 2018. We would like to especially thank @Deebrar23 for overnight shipping us the kurte we used for the performance. Thank you for helping us make this performance happen!! Shoutout to @GSingh for letting us use his Norcal Winter Session Mix 2016 for our shikke segment, Legitamit for mixing Maan Kari Na Jattiye, Pabla for mixing two of our segments, and KM for mixing our dhammal segment. Thank you brothers!! Congratulations to NJ folk lovers and KPGD on their respective placings!

Coach: Gursimran Singh
Dholi: Tejasvir Singh
Paghs: Sukhraj Bual and Sunpreet Singh
Mix: Gsimz, Gsingh, Legitamit, Pabla, and KM
Red: Arun Singh (Best Dancer Award), Bobby Singh
Ferozi: Arjun Chadha, Eric Singh
Green: Balraj Dhanoa, Dhruva Vish
Orange: Rishi Kumar, Soorya Ramappan
Yellow: Raj Bramhane, Sahab Grover
Blue: Dhir Patwa, Manvir Dhaliwal

Front Balcony View:

Main Floor View:

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Howie Magz

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Execution has improved with the younger guys on the team and this has been the cleanest Furteelay has looked in a while. It brings me back to the 2014 T-DOT and Boston days in terms of cleanness. You guys went out and danced Bhangra and played the MCB rubric well which is smart. Besides all the good things, the little things that can be fixed are some of your formations. Although from Mela to now you guys have improved in this realm, it appears the sloppiest of your formations comes from two lines made vertically. A lot of Furteelay's performances from the past and present have always had this issue. Dancers have to keep in mind that when making two vertical lines they need to be directly behind one another. Majority of your dancers performed well and kept up the energy but the shorter green jodi needs to learn to not chill so hard in the back whenever he reaches there. On the bedi move he was barely picking up his legs and from the balcony view you can tell he was being lazy on purpose. One of the ferozi jodis was losing energy more towards the second half as well. With all being said, those are the biggest things I noticed fro watching this performance. I'm sure you guys know what you have done well in and right now it looks like you guys are the team to beat for this 2017-2018 semester.


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Shoulder shake during aaja nachle will stay with me forever, great performance, one of the best all around sets from you guys. IMO NJ had you beat, they had a few more moments but if I were judging the margin would be just by 2-3 points. Excellent job guys!
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Aruan S.
Furteelay never fails to impress, Nakhra, Shoulders, energy, Choreo, Jhoomer was really good, all great. Mix was dope
The execution and the same style between all dancers were great. Noone stood out so much.
4:38 Chakri was good (balcony view), but its better stretch your right leg fully out, and plant the foot, it hurts less, better control and you can do the full 360.
Overall Congratz, on First Place !!!
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To see how far you guys have come since chatting with sahab and crew at Mela till now is nothing short of unbelievable. Fantastic job - really have a great foundation for success moving forward. Really liked the intro, loved the jhoomer, enjoyed some of the simplicity of the set and focus on dancing (though I did like the intricacy of the NJ segments more and their inventiveness throughout their routine)

Tell the dark blue jodi to stop walking the routines though...