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Gabroo Jawan @ East Coast Showdown 2023

Kartik Madaan

New Member
Hey BTF Folks,

I took my team Gabroo Jawan based in Queens, New York to their first competition this past weekend at East Coast Showdown. I made the team in 2019 with two guys that I trained with a previous team I was on, known as "Anakh-E-Gabroo (AEG)". Considering 10 out of the 12 boys were new, I'm extremely proud of them for their performance.

Some shoutouts I'd like to make:
- Gundeep Munday: For designing the set where he stuck to the folk style we love deeply, as well as creating our mix (with his brother Niv), spending countless hours on revisions to fit our vision.

- Gaurav Madaan: For his contributions to formation design and more importantly, leading the practices. He pushed our boys' stamina and cleaned them in preparation for their first competition.

- Simran Kaur: Our amazing dholi who enhanced our performance with her incredible dhol talent. She exceeded our expectations and killed it!

We hope you enjoy our performance as much as the boys did performing it for y'all. I'll attach the mix below for you guys to hear it as well.

Let us know what you guys think on how we can improve. All feedback is welcome!

Mix: Performance:
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