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Going to Bhangra and the City?

sad in the city

New Member
Hi everyone,

We’re a team that got accepted to Bhangra and the City. Due to timing issues with the other comps we got into this year, this is the only comp we’re able to attend, so even though we know it might not be well-run we’d like to go so that our team gets the chance to perform on a comp stage this year. We haven’t received any communication back from the organizers since we paid our reg fees so we were wondering if any other accepted teams were in the same boat or have heard back? It’s only 6 weeks out so we need to make a decision if we’re not going and anything y’all have heard would be super helpful.


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based on all the negative feedback, i'd recommend completely avoiding it. contact cornell bhangra/PAO see if they can make a spot for your team at PAO, guarenteed to be a much better experience than competing at some sketchy comp.


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I would highly suggest to avoid this competition since everyone is complaining about their previous events.

Are you a local team? If so, I understand why you might think it's a good idea to attend this event but considering all the effort and sacrifices that goes into competition prep... I would say its not worth it. Are you willing to let your team go through a shitty Bhangra experience just to get a chance to perform on stage?

Are you planning on taking your team to this comp to gain stage experience? Because there might not be a stage to perform on ?

Plus, this person hasn't paid the winning teams from years ago.


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Sounds like you’d have better luck scuba diving in a garbage can than you would finding your way through this competition


Has there been any social media or announcements about this competition? I was unable to find anything.