Grips for saaps/shikke?


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I want to put grips on my saaps/shikke to make them more comfortable for me and my team to use, anybody have any tried and tested methods that have worked for them?
I know one method is to use electrical tape, but that sometimes peels off overtime and causes my hands to sweat a lot.


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We used to use tennis racket overgrips which were definitely better than electrical tape and also absorb any sweat from your hands. If you do this, make sure you only use a super thin layer-- we realized over time that thick tape grips weren't good for teaching new members how to use saaps since they ended up being unable to saap w/o them. Be careful if you use something that absorbs sweat with wooden saaps though, over time the sweat sorta collects under the grip and corrodes the wood if you use it long enough.

Also, maybe double check with someone else that the discomfort of using the saaps isn't due to the technique you're using--usually when our new members were having trouble using the saaps, it was because they were gripping it too tightly and/or their wrists were positioned incorrectly