Help!!! Tips on making bhangra mixes :D


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I think its great that a bhangra DJ puts out a tutorial for making mixes.

However, both these video's don't offer much information that is useful to someone who wants to get better at mixing/production.

I use FL Studio and these video's are nothing but a look at the interface.

If you want to learn how to make bhangra mixes, unfortunately there are no videos for that specifically except a really old one done on ACID PRO. There also is no recipe for making them. I suggest watching video's on production tip's and tutorials. At the end, this is what will help you improve your mix.

I have found myself going to FireWalk on youtube for tips and education in certain topics.

Additionally, as GSingh has often pointed out in this forum, your DAW's reference manual is a great resource if you're looking to learn. I don't read it most times because I learn better through videos, but if I can't find a video I go to the manual.

When using FL, the one thing you will have to learn first is fitting to tempo (takes 2 seconds to learn) - and JSM's video covers it, so does every other sampling tutorial on youtube.

I do hope he releases more video's soon so he can show people some other cool things FL is capable of doing
Could you link jsm's video?