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Hey everyone, so I'm in love with NJJ's Circle City mix and I'm trying to recreate some of it for learning purposes. Please excuse any mistakes in asking these questions, I'm new to the Bhangra world!

1. 0:46, where can I find the really long "hoooOOOoooOO' sound effect? Does it have a name lol

2. At around 4:30, what is it called where it's just a dude speaking in Punjabi for hype? And where can I find samples like these?

3. 0:56, how does HsD do the stuttering transition into the next song?

4. Whats the song at 2:56?
4a) Whats the best way to find songs from mixes like these? Save for asking here. I might need to find a person that knows Punjabi and get them to google lyrics lol

Any an all help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!



The song at 2:56 is Dynamite, Ammy Virk. For finding songs, plugging what you can glean from the lyrics into google is your best bet. Even if you don't speak Punjabi, as you listen to more mixes/songs, you'll get better at recognizing words and certain singer's voices, etc.

At 0:46, that's not so much a sound effect, it's a hekh probably clipped from an actual song (don't know which one)


Hey dude, welcome to BTF!

For 2, I'm not entirely sure what it originates from (as I don't speak punjabi) but it's likely clipped from a boli before a performance or from a speech of some sort. Diving into punjabi youtube or asking a punjabi friend may yield more answers.

If you're referring to the snare rolls for 3, you can do this a number of ways depending on the DAW you're using to mix. In FL studio you can chop your drum patterns in the piano roll by using control+U to automatically cut the drum patterns into 16th notes or whatever you need for the desired effect. You can set this in the snap-to-grid button. Otherwise, he samples the vocals directly from a Migos track.

Mixes nowadays often have a combination of old school tracks and more modern hits, so youtubing "latest punjabi songs 2018" or something should yield some more popular songs that can give you an idea of what songs might show up on a mix.

Hope that was helpful - feel free to PM me if you have more q's.
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