Heroes and Desi Flavor


Anyone else watch Heroes regularly? It's pretty tight...they have a lot of desi flavor in there too. The background music is often bhangra and they'll put some Indian fusion music on too. Cool for the #2 show out there...


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I really like Heroes, much more exciting than Lost. When does it come back, in the fall?

PS Which is #1?
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Yeh Heroes is crazy..is it even coming back for another season??
save the cheerleader, save the world! ahah


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dude, lost is so much better than heroes. i enjoy heroes, but lost is on a whole other level. and yes, heroes is coming back with a full season in the fall, the writers strike (plus bad writing) killed season 2 of heroes. but i can not wait for the season finale of lost tomorrow!


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Hmm... I thought I made a reply in here earlier, but either it didn't go through or it was deleted. Didn't say anything offensive, though, so I can't see why it would have been deleted.

I agree with sulmoney that Lost and Heroes really are in separate leagues. Whereas Lost has excellent writing, acting, and extremely high production values all around, Heroes really only gets by on the strength of its story. The acting and dialogue have always been pretty campy, and some people say that's the way it's supposed to be because of the comic book influence, I think that's kind of a cop out. That said, though, the first season of Heroes was extremely entertaining, but I was really let down by the limp finale that didn't even give us the big boss fight we were all waiting for! Season 2 was a trainwreck, but I think the writers' strike may have had a lot to do with that.

Admittedly, though, Lost has lost (ha.) a lot of its initial appeal for me. In the beginning I was under the impression that everything was somehow grounded in reality, because the writers said so, but it's pretty obvious that that's just not true. Don't get me wrong, I'm still an addict, but it's just not as great to me as it once was.

PS. Also, isn't it kind of odd that the Indian guy in Heroes is from south India, but he's named Mohinder? At least they're trying...