How are live competitions judged?


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Music comps are judged to rubrics. How are live comps judged? Is there a rubric? If so, what does the rubric look like/consist off?

BTF oldies if you have a link to a thread that talks about this, link it.


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The rubric practically the same as music sets, just bhangra is lot more composed,
More emphasis on execution.. on Smiling, Nakhra, Timing, Sync, Shoulder movements, Balance, Clean footwork, stamina, having fun on stage, high Energy levels, Grace in your moves, Confidence, no sloppiness, and no running around on stage to hit formations, (its an 8 man usually)
Choreo: Judges usually look for the popular segments: Sapp Khunde Kato, jhoomer dhamaal, ludi, sial koti, jugni, the rhythm and counts of each segment , mela, ending, this is where the creativity aspect comes in and different variations are created...
Note: if you haven't done Live Bhangra or choreographed it, you shouldnt be judging it, imo..
Band : Dholi Singer Algoze, chimpta guy, tumbi, etc.. are actually judged more now compared to in the past..The band should be all in sync with the dancers at all times, accurate notes/clean vocals by singer
Im sure theres more you can add to this..
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