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HSA Bhangra Props (Your New and Reliable Bhangra Props Provider)

Howie Magz

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Howie Magaro and I am one of the founders of HSA Bhangra Props alongside Kush and Suhail Rawal ( @suhail_rawal ). We are currently revealing to the public formally, that we are making plastic saaps to buy. We also offer khunday to buy as well and we guarantee you that these will be lightest khunde you have ever used! To give you a bit of history, HSA props started because with our combined experience of dancing with our respective bhangra teams in the past and in the present, we felt like the circuit deserves a proper provider of bhangra props. Our company aims to provide the affordability, satisfaction, and guarantee in a timely delivery for all of our props. I know there maybe some questions common questions that can be asked while reading this post.

1. Why should we trust you after hearing and experiencing stories in the past in the untimely delivery of bhangra props?

-We have been dancing in the Bhangra circuit with a combined experience of over 18 years. We have not only danced, but captained our respective Bhangra teams and understand the struggles of not getting your props on time. It delays preparation for competitions and just overall provides a unnecessary headache. We ensure a timely deliverable on our props and if anything along the way happens, we guarantee to RETURN YOUR MONEY ON TIME if we are unable to fulfill the order within a timely fashion.

2. Do you know how to make plastic saaps? Do you have the machine in-house? Materials on hand?

-WE ACTUALLY have the full endorsement of @hardeep_singh (the creator of the plastic saaps). We have worked with him closely and have gotten critiques on our products in terms of design flaws issues. Unlike some of our competitors we have two in house CNC Mill in our garage that is fully bought and paid for by us. We do all of the ordering of materials, coding, cutting, and drilling ourselves. We can guarantee you that we do not go to our local university engineering lab or use other facilities that are not currently owned by us personally. Yes, that means we do have 24 hours a day and 7 days a week access to our facilities.

3. What are your price points?

-We are currently charging $45 per white saap, $50 per black saap, and $50 per brown saap (shipping and handling is dependent on where the props are being shipped to). In terms of khunde, we are charging $20 per unvarnished khunda and $25 per varnished khunda (shipping and handling is dependent on where the props are being shipped to). We are known to be currently ONE OF THE CHEAPEST in comparison to some of the other vendors that are currently selling plastic saaps.

4. What Bhangra Teams have you worked with?

-We have a list of all of the teams we have had the pleasure of working with thus far below:

Bhangra Teams worked with:

-Adelphi Bhangra (Garden City, NY)
-AMG Bhangra (Chicago, IL)
-Anakh-E-Gabroo (AEG) (Queens, NY)
-Ankhile (London, United Kingdom)
-Anakh Sherniyan Di (Detroit, MI)
-Apna Bhangra Crew (ABC) (Seattle, WA)
-Bhangre De Shokeen (BDS) (Philadelphia, PA)
-Bhangra Theory (New York, NY)
-Bhams' Blazin Bhangra (Birmingham, AL)
-Boston University Bhangra (BU Bhangra) (Boston, MA)
-Bruin Bhangra (Los Angeles, CA)
-Bulldog Bhangra (Fresno, CA)
-Capital Bhangra (Washington DC)
-Classic City Bhangra (Athens, GA)
-Colorado Bhangra Team (Boulder, CO)
-Cornell Bhangra (Ithaca, NY)
-Da Real Punjabiz (DRP) (San Diego, CA)
-Davis Bhangra Crew (Davis, CA)
-Detroit Folk Arts (Detroit, MI)
-Carolina Indian Arts (Raleigh, NC)
-DC Bhangra Crew (DCBC) (Washington DC)
-First Class Bhangra (FCB) (Pittsburgh, PA)
-Florida Bhangra Crew (Miami, FL)
-Furteelay Shokeen (Detroit, MI)
-Gabroo Jawan (Queens, NY)
-Gabroo Gulab Wargey (Fresno, CA)
-GHG Chardi Jawani (Fresno, CA)
-HooSher Bhangra (Bloomington, IA
-Illini Bhangra (Champaign, IL)
-James Madison University Bhangra (Harrisonburg, VA)
-Jhaankar Dance Academy (Orlando, FL)
-Kauran Di Taur (Calgary, Canada)
-Khire Phul Gulab De (KPGD) (Raleigh, NC)
-Lone Star Gabroos (Dallas, TX)
-Michigan Bhangra Team (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
-Ministry of Bhangra - Chicago (Chicago, IL)
-Mirzay (Tampa, FL)
-MV Bhangra (Cupertino, CA)
-Norcal Naujawan (Bay Area, CA)
-Princeton Bhangra (Princeton, NJ)
-Raakhe Virse De (Canton, MI)
-Rangeelay Jawan (Indianapolis, IA)
-Rangla Punjab Academy (Surrey, BC)
-Rice Bhangra (Houston, TX)
-Rochester Bhangra (Rochester, NY)
-Sadi Wakhri Ah Taur (S.W.A.T) (Singapore)
-Sohne Yaar Punjab De (S.Y.P.D) (Ontario, Canada)
-Stanford Bhangra (Stanford, CA)
-Stony Brook University Bhangra (Stony Brook, NY)
-UC Riverside Bhangra (Riverside, CA)
-UMD Terrapind (College Park, Maryland)
-University of Chicago Bhangra (Chicago, IL)
-University of North Carolina (UNC Bhangra Elite) (Chapel Hill, NC)
-Vasda Punjab Academy (Manteca, CA)
-VanCity Bhangra (Vancouver, Canada)
-Vanderbilt Bhangradores (Nashville, TN)
-Virginia School of Bhangra (Ashburn, VA)
-VCU Bhangra (Richmond, VA)
-Wash U Bhangra (St. Louis, MO)
-William and Mary Griffin Bhangra (Williamsburg, VA)
-Wisconsin School of Bhangra (Madison, WI)

Fusion Teams worked with:

-Broadstreet Baadshaaz (Philadelphia, PA)
-Michigan Izzatt (Ann Arbor, MI)
-Penn Dhamaka (Philadelphia, PA)
-Queen City Ishaare (Charlotte, NC)
-Troy Zahara (Troy, MI)
-University of Santa Barbara Taara (Santa Barbara, CA)

Check Out Our Reviews from our Customers!


Check out our Plastic Saaps Making Video below!

If you are interested in buying saaps from us please email us at HSAbhangraprops@gmail.com or shoot us a text or call at the following numbers below:

Howie Magaro: 1-917-542-1093
Suhail Rawal: 1-551-579-1374
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"Too Many Rookies Not Enough Gabroos"
Yo do you guys make different colors besides white? Some judges don't really like plastic shikke and white really stands out.

Howie Magz

Well-Known Member
We are looking into different colors at the moment and have found a variety of colors. We just need to make sure they are the same level of quality in regards to the HDPE that we use as there are different grades of HDPE out there. We have thoroughly done our research and explain to you the different types of HDPE plastic and the quality you should be looking for when buying them. I have built plastic shikke from low grade and also high grade HDPE material and know there is a significant difference. Also in terms of judging I have yet to receive a complaint from any judge in regards to using white plastic shikke. Almost all the plastic shikke in the circuit at the moment are white with a few orders out there that Aalok use to make that are actually brown. We do have a surprise for y'all that is to be unveiled later on in terms of innovation for the plastic shikke so stay tuned ;)

Howie Magz

Well-Known Member
@HdBrar thank you so much for the endorsement buddy! I do have some samples and are currently working on many different orders. If you are interested in getting saaps for your Winter semester we will be making more right after the Fall competitive season is over (Right after Burgh time). We have ordered more than enough plastic and will be continuing to make shikke throughout the year. No order is too big or too small for us.


♥ BTF ♥
Staff member
I just received my Shikke in the mail today and I have to say there are so smooth and light! I highly recommend HSA, not only due to their work but the service they provide. They’re timely and professional. I’m beyond excited to use them for my teams! Thank you!!!
How much did @Howie Magz pay you to post this review? :p

Just playing. Good to hear from a satisfied customer of HSA Bhangra Props.

~ Basim :)


New Member
I also just received my Shikke in the mail few days ago. I surprised my team with the new saaps last night. They said that the saaps are smooth, light, and much better than the regular, old saaps. If you are looking to buy saaps, hit up HSA Bhangra Props. They are not only cheaper, but they can make it fast and deliver to you before the estimated date and/or deadline. Thanks Howie! Hopefully, I will be able to do business with you again for new khunday in the near future.


Jaskirat Vig
Illini Bhangra ordered plastic saaps from HSA Bhangra props and we are incredibly satisfied with our experience. As someone who has tried making plastic saaps before, I can attest that these saaps are the smoothest saaps i have ever used, are incredibly lightweight, and are made with high quality material. What we loved most about the ordering process was the company's raw professionalism. They promised me a date that the saaps would be in by and followed through with their word. The communication between us was incredibly transparent as we were periodically notified exactly what was going on behind the scenes of production. I highly recommend HSA Bhangra Props to anyone in the circuit looking to buy plastic saaps.


New Member
DCBC needed one extra sap for GOT Bhangra earlier this month (we somehow lost one the first week of practice...) and HSA came to the rescue! I asked Howie for the sap about a week and half before the show and was able to pick it up Saturday morning before tech time. It fit right in with our older plastic saps. HSA is easy to work with, has great customer service, and is receptive to our requests - I highly recommend to anyone looking for new props! Worth it.


New Member
Princeton Bhangra just received a set of plastic saaps from HSA Bhangra and these have undoubtedly been the best investment our team has made in a while. HSA sells their saaps at a $5-10 discount to other saap makers we've gone through and the quality is much much higher (lighter, better material, identically made, shaved down on the sides, no screws sticking out, etc.). They were also shipped priority overnight with no additional cost to us. Highly recommend HSA to other teams!


I received my plastic shikke from HSA Bhangra last week and like so many have said above it is such a great investment. They are light and the handles have space so you won't hurt your hand. Howie did a great job keeping me updated with the time and got the shikke to me earlier than we had decided on. I think everyone who is need of plastic shikke should contact him!


Howie Magz

Well-Known Member
Thank you everyone who has ordered from us and whom have left us reviews! We have had an awesome semester in terms of orders and appreciate the kind words. In terms of business, we are now in the process of incorporating our company! Just to provide a update on some of the teams whom we have sold to these past 6 months

Bhangra/Dance Academies:

Adelphi Bhangra (Garden City, NY)
Bulldog Bhangra (Fresno, CA)
Davis Bhangra Crew (Davis, CA)
DCBC (Washington DC)
Florida Bhangra Crew (Miami, FL)
Illini Bhangra (Champaign, IL)
Jhaankar Dance Academy (Orlando, FL)
Princeton Bhangra (Princeton, NJ)
Rangeelay Jawan (Indianapolis, IA)
Rangla Punjab Academy (Surrey, BC)
VCU Bhangra (Richmond, VA)
Wash U Bhangra (St. Louis, MO)
Wisconsin School of Bhangra (Madison, WI)

Fusion Teams:

Broadstreet Baadshaaz (Philadelphia, PA)
Michigan Izzatt (Ann Arbor, MI)
Troy Zahara (Troy, MI)

We have now gotten khunday as a part of our inventory (the light bamboo khunday that you see AEG and MBT whom have used in the past). If you are interested in either items please let us know!!! I have attached a picture of the khunday below!


Rangeelay Jawan

New Member
Rangeelay Jawan just received their order of plastic saaps and khunday. We were very pleased with both props and they are great. Howie and the team were really helpful with the process and assured us that we would receive them by the date they had given us. Also, the price is much cheaper than those of others that sell plastic saaps but the quality is great. Both props are light and and the saaps are so smooth to use. Khunday turned out looking nice and clean are easy to use.