*** Husky Bhangra Mix 2013 ***


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Thank you all so much for the support with my 2013 CMU Bhangra Mix! I've received a number of requests and thousands of plays over the past year, something I had never imagined when I first started mixing. It is an honor to be part of such an enthusiastic community.

I'm proud to release the 2013 Husky Bhangra Mix! Big thanks to Rachneet, Shiv, and the rest of Husky Bhangra. Please listen, comment, share, & download!




Mix is crazy dope. The superstar intro was hype and different, I can appreciate that. And the use of drum loops worked well behind all of the songs and gave it some good up. Mashups were nasty, realllllly liked teach me how to jerk. I probably would have taken out the part in the ball acapella that used "got a model, got a bottle, got a molly, got a blunt" and used what you know about that or some other TI song. Same with Badd, probably would have used a different acapella there.

The transition into trap was also dope, but transition out of it was a bit awkward. The quote worked, but I'm sure theres a way to make that bpm transition a bit smoother. I thought the clique mashup was a bit off pitch, idk if a different song might work better as the base.

Honestly though, not many critiques for this. I thought overall it was super dope, you guys are putting some great mixes out there