Illini Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout 2019


Jaskirat Vig
Better late than never...

Alas, here is Illini Bhangra's Bhangra Blowout GTV video. Huge shoutout to all the teams at Blowout this year. Legit everyone ripped it and this had to be one of the strongest lineups in a while 1-8. Congrats once again to our friends on DRP, CMU and MBT for putting out fire!

Red: Jaskirat Vig & Manasi Baheti
Ferozi: Amundeep Singh & Simi Srivastava
Black: Jai Kattaura & Anvita Hariharan
Blue: Ari Reddy & Amee Savani
Purple: Mauktik Dave & Aashritha Mallireddi
Orange: Rohan Vaidya & Aliyah Saiyed
Green: Nisheka Vanjani & Preeti Narayanan
Yellow: Darsh Kurani & Sarina Lal


Big ups to Manasi Baheti, Anvita Hariharan, and Amee Savani for becoming Illini Bhangra 2020's captains. Can't wait to see how ya'll lead the team to greatness next year!

As always, feel free to leave critiques in the comments. Illini Bhangra 2019, signing out...
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