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Jhoomar (The Beautiful Mist) | Full Song | Gurman Birdi Ft. Jasraj Lailna


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Hey what's up everybody? Gurman Birdi & I just dropped a folk Jhoomar song for the bhangra community, check it out & let us know what you think on the youtube video! I'm currently doing a Jhoomar challenge on instagram, perform a jhoomar segment to your favorite part of the song and post it on your insta story, tag 5 people and my self (@jasrajlailna)!
Song: Jhoomar (The Beautiful Mist)
Singer: Gurman Birdi (Gne College Ludhiana)
Music: Jasraj Lailna
Video: Amardeep Panesar (Mahindra College Patiala)

Check out both versions because the soundcloud version has 2 additional boliyan added!
Youtube Video: Soundcloud Link: