JK's Video Shoot on April 24th - Still need dancers and extras


Hey BTF'ers!

We are still looking for non-union dancers and extras for JK's (a new VIP Records' artist) video shoot on April 24. You must be available the entire day.

-EXTRAS: We need more extras of ALL races/ethnicities (between ages 18-30).

-BHANGRA/GIDHA TEAM: Need an already formed team of 7-8 Bhangra dancers (preferably co-ed but willing to consider all male). Would also like females that can dance gidha (either as their own team or as part of the coed team). Can be taken from a portion of a larger team, but we are not looking for individual dancers at this time. You don't need to come with your own choreographer - we will have one on set. But we do need you to provide your own traditional costumes/vardiyaan. If you are applying for this role, please submit a performance video along with a picture of the team with your full costumes on.

There is no pay for this particular video, however, after this video we are going to be making a string of videos with this artist and label so this video will be a great opportunity to make connections, get INTERNATIONAL exposure and get future paid work. Plus it'll be a lot of fun! We will feed you and also provide you with a DVD copy of the video once editing is complete.

If interested, please contact us ASAP at BhangraCasting@gmail.com with your name, age, picture/headshot, contact information and the role which you are interested in. Please also include the role you are submitting yourself for in the subject line.
You guys picked the wrong weekend to have the video shoot as the same day is the Sikh day parade in New York City. Alot of people are going there and also there are like 2 comps on the same weekend on the east coast hence some of the Bhangra teams from New York are not going to be in town that day.