Joshiley Jawan @ Bhangra at the Bell Last Performance Ever

Gaurav Sidhu

such a classy, hard working and unique team, you guys will truly be missed! One of my favourite american teams of all time. hats off to you guys for entertaining the crowd and keeping it folk for the past many years!


Alright well here goes nothing..

This set defined in a single word- Beautiful. I loved every second of it, Aman Dhaliwal got me so fucking hyped before you guys even started dancing. His hekhs' were on point and so powerful, no video can capture the essence of being there live.

JJ brings real dancing to the stage, no cop outs, no cheesy gimmicks, just straight up dancing. I love the individualistic swag everyone brought, it makes it a joy for us in the audience to watch you dance. You guys came to compete with the mind set of having fun, and it really showed through your dancing. There was not a dull expression on any dancers' face for even a split second. I loved it, I loved every one of you. Shahrukh, when you did the whole "bad ass walk nose wipe" in the shikka segment, my eyes were on you and I thought you pulled that shit off better than I could have ever imagined. It was awesome, made me smile and it helped me get even more into your performance. Shazzy and you are a beautiful jodi, and amazing people. I know how much time, energy and emotion went into this and it was seeping through the pores of the team.

I'm really glad that all the cool shit you guys did (daang break, individual touches, etc) was continuous with the dancing. There were no drastic pauses and this set and everything in it fell in place. Cleanliness was beyond words, one of the best I've seen from an all male bhangra team. Idk how you guys managed to be so picture perfect with your formations, but whatever it is , it works! You guys brought your A-game and you set the bar that night. I remember speaking to a few of you and telling you how beautiful this set was and how blown away I was. No matter how much I praised you guys, you were still humble and managed to hug the shit out of me. I'm glad I met a team who can be machines on stage, and humble humans off stage. I didn't hear any cocky remarks, and it was clear you guys were not on any sort of high horse. It takes a lot to know how good you are but still be humble about it.

Iqwak and Gursimran, I have no words. The best collaboration I've heard till date hands down. You guys complimented each other so well, and the fact that you guys mixed songs without taking away from the original tune makes me tip my hat for you two. It's hard to have 2 DJs from 2 different areas and different mixing styles work together, but you guys definitely do not fall under that category. I wanted this mix the second I heard Klasikhz and GSimz are working on it together. i didn't even have to wait for the performance to know if it was a masterpiece. Please work together more in the future, you guys have helped restore my faith in music and mixing in general.

Shout outs to the Khan brothers, my man Simran, JuneBug and Komil. Hell, shout out to the whole damn team. You guys are great to kick it with, I can't believe there was a time we didn't like each other. I'm glad some of us got to know each other this weekend and bond. I've gained a lot of respect for JJ, and I know that any competition they're at will be a good time.. WIN OR LOSE. Very well composed set of dancers, kept their cool and held it down.

JJ is not done, you guys are just warming up. You can't quit on your rise to the top, get back in the race and put the pedal to the metal! Your sets keep improving and your dancers compliment each other so well, I don't see why you would even consider retiring. The circuit needs a team like JJ to remind them of what actual dancing is. I know you guys will be back, and I know you're going to pull some next level shit so I'm just going to patiently wait.

To the Khan brothers, I wish we could have hung out more this weekend. Both of you tend to disappear and I can see how you guys are related. Nonetheless, I love you both.. Very respectful, talented and honest men which are hard to come by these days.

Simran, boy did we kick it huh? I'm glad we ran into each other constantly and got into long conversations, and most of it wasn't even Bhangra related! You're awesome dude, and your music is tight! Keep at it dude, you'll be making girls wet in no time.

Arjun, I don't even have to say much. I knew you before JJ and I've loved you since I met you. Try to keep in touch tho, you kinda work in my city buddy! Sick performance, you never fail to impress. You're the man, Jun

Komil, you and your jodi looked beautiful together. You were having the time of your life up there and I'm glad I got to share that moment with you. You're a dope dancer and I know you won't stop dancing now!

All of JJ, I wish we all could have hung out personally and just by meeting a few of you, I knew you were all great guys. Hopefully I'll see you guys very soon!

Sargam out.

PS- Shahrukh you still owe me a call back, our 2 hour conversation did not die in vain.


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sargam627 said:
JJ is not done, you guys are just warming up. You can't quit on your rise to the top, get back in the race and put the pedal to the metal! Your sets keep improving and your dancers compliment each other so well, I don't see why you would even consider retiring. The circuit needs a team like JJ to remind them of what actual dancing is. I know you guys will be back, and I know you're going to pull some next level shit so I'm just going to patiently wait.
This!!! Lol The circuit needs JJ to separate the boys from the men!!!!!!!!


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sargam627 said:
You guys are great to kick it with, I can't believe there was a time we didn't like each other. I'm glad some of us got to know each other this weekend and bond.
Rivalry breeds great friendships


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Been a huge fan of you guys! Once again y'all killed it, loved the formations and song selection. Hard to believe this didn't get first... wonder what the other teams did. Huge congratulations nonetheless and I'm hoping you guys do another last competition lolll


Absolutely loved this set. I couldn't do anything but smile while watching it live. The execution of moves was beautiful. You guys have figured out how to really make your dancing look huge yet effortless- something I don't think many teams in NA are able to do. Loved saaps, jhoomer, phumaniya, and your ending. Got home and learned half the choreo to the set haha. The tripod formation was sick. What makes this set so strong and complete to me is the individual standardization and that no one ever stops dancing. Shahrukh, I commend you for coming up with some unbelievable sets through the years. As much as people love the Elite 8 set and how hype it was, I don't think it compares to this folk set. Big shoutout to Komil, Jordan, Shahrukh, and everyone else I met this weekend. Komil, you're my bro and you killed it. We WILL dancer together one day haha.

I REALLY hope this isn't the end of the JJ era... but if it is, hell of a last performance!


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I realize that I'm super late with posting my feedback and I really don't think that I can add a whole lot since a lot great comments have been written, but I promised to a few of you to give you my take on the performance, so here goes...

Opening boli = sickkk. Major props to Aman.

Intro segment = Decent, but I like surprises at the beginning and more of a "wow" factor as the audience is seeing the dancers for the very first time. I liked the mix - "JJ make some noise." Having the saap segment mesh with the mix is something I like - seeing any sort of choreography match up with the mix (at least during some parts of a routine).

Great use of the stage and nice formations. Loved the "swag" walk transition from the first song to the 2nd - again these subtle things when the choreography meets the mix are what I really enjoy. I wish there was better use of the stage on the 2nd song and formations were better. In the dance, the 2nd to 3rd song transition was really simple, so maybe that could have been enhanced a bit.

Loved the surprise factor of "breaking" the daangs and dancing with each half. Glad these were no issues with putting the pieces back together as well. Surjit Bindrakhia song = <3 Excellent choice.

The moves were executed very well by everyone and all in the same way - i.e. the dhammal was great, the batkhas were excellent, the jhummar was absolute SEX, fasla was very synchronized, etc. Jordan murdered the phumanian section at 5:11 in the HD video that Vijay posted earlier. You gotta teach me to be like you ;) Loved seeing the nakhra expressed by each individual dancer.

I think what really set this dance apart was the smooth flow, consistent energy level of everyone (for the most part), and consistent way of executing each move (which I personally know requires a lot of work as a team). I enjoyed noticing the small elements of creativity brought in throughout the routine which made this not only "folk" but relatively modern. The mela segment was awesome with "Apna Sangeet" - thank you to whoever picked the songs; loved how you brought back some of the classics!!

SRK & Shazaib batkha ending while holding hands & whispering sentiments in each other's ears= adorable <3 haha.

Keep it up JJ! As many stated, I really hope this isn't the end, but only a break. The circuit needs more teams with the amount of respect & credibility that the dancers of Joshiley Jawan brought to each competition they were in. I wish you guys could have travel further away, but I know it's difficult given everyone's schedules and being based in DC.

~ Basim :)

- P.S. 700th post on BTF, do I get a win a big prize for crossing 1000? ;)

Varan Rakhra

bas iko varr boldi dunali te doji vari VARAN bolda
WOW! That's what you call BHANGRA! Soo clean, graceful, and beautiful. SRK you really outdone yourself with this one. You always shown that you can keep bhangra to its roots and still keep a audience on its feet throughout the performance. Loved the Song selections and your cute nakhra ;) You'll absolutely ripped it it was kept smooth, no overdoing of moves, no one outdoing the other one! You'll just danced as a TEAM and 3rd place is questionable in my mind. I saw all 3 vids of the placing teams and in my eyes this should of gotten the gold! No major fuck ups, it was entertaining but folk at the same time and by far the cleanest of the night! Congrats on a great run and I'm sure this isn't done for you just yet! Your just too passionate about bhangra and your team is too and you can tell when you guys dance! EH FOLK AH! Best Performance of the year by far, lets see what other teams bring now!


Ripped it from start to finish, great formations and choreography. Absolutely enjoyed all of it! :) Hopefully this isn't the last one.


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Haven't read the other posts and I'm doing this off of what I remember from last week, so excuse any grammar mistakes :)

I thought it was the end when we (Furteelay) first competed against each other at Big Apple 1.
I thought it was over after we sent our vaardiyaan your way for y’all to win VPD.
Then I thought it was over after another great performance at Elite 8 2012.
Now , if it’s really over then it’s just too bad. There’s still so much talent and skill left with a good amount of this group that I’m sure ¾ of these dancers are no where near done dancing.
I think Ankush said it best when we were discussing our competition for Bell; “When has JJ not left a lasting impression?”
I didn’t have an answer. Those 4 performances that I’ve known JJ to exist for have all left some sort of impact on how I view bhangra.
If it really is the end, I’ll miss the cleanliness every set of y’alls brings. I’ll miss watching the incredibly intricate formations, the grace amongst each dancer, and just the experience that every dancer seems to display while on stage regardless of it being their 20th time dancing or their first.

Just a quick few things;
Arjun, Komil, Kaarthik; You guys represented HHSC to the fullest. I never actually went to camp with any of you, but everyone knows how big I am on the HHSC Alumni Bhangra Network. Arjun, you’re just amazing and I’m so happy you finally got to dance a way that you’ve wanted to for so long. You told me “I don’t think I’ve ever had this much fun dancing.” I’m happy for you man, and if you especially are done dancing, thank you so much for everything you’ve taught me the past year with my first year of dancing collegiately.
Komil – you are just amazing. Whoever hasn’t watched this video yet or has a million times without watching someone specifically, take your time to watch only the shorter light skinned blue johri. If you only have a minute, only watch him during the jhoomer segment, absolutely dirty dancer. If you have not met him, meet him and ask him for you to do jhoomer. Girls melt when they see that.
Kaarthik M., first time competing with an all guys team and you did not stick out in any way possible (good thing, not bad). Since watching you dance that first time during the exhibition act for a Penn Masala concert to this actually could’ve been predicted. You had such great poise and held it down throughout the routine.
SRK and Shahzaib; I’m not gonna lie, when Arjun told me his johri wasn’t SRK, I was pretty surprised. Then after watching you and Shahzaib, I realized you two are perfect for each other in every way. Your nakhre, your dancing of course, and the way you guys keep the crowd interacted throughout the whole routine is something so many dancers dream to have, but neither dare to nor will ever learn.
Shahzaib, you’re just still too funny though ;) Wherever you dance next, I’m hanging out with you the whole time after the show ends hahahahahaha
For the rest of the team, just want to say congrats and don’t take for granted dancing for such a great team. The younger guys, we’ll still be competing against each other for at least the next two years and I hope to see that JJ style and creativity alive within each one of you J

Dholi harsh

Dope performance, i told Junski and a bunch of you guys already how much i loved it.

BUT REAL QUICK... can i shoutout Mr. Neet Basra aka the Dholi. All the dancers held it down and were told so but i really appreciated Neet's stage presence. Also the Dhol he was using looked and sounded sick. Always a pleasure hearing a team use a dholi that knows what hes doing and not just some random guy holding a plywood barrel acting like hes playing.


Ne Asi Gabroo Desh Punjab De ;)
One of the guys in yellow looks like the same dude who was in the audience for Elite 8 video.


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Gsimz said:
One of the guys in yellow looks like the same dude who was in the audience for Elite 8 video.

I heard your family calls you GSimz around the house. <3 you and <3 fun bhangra. Had way too much of a blast being a part of this shiet, thank you SRK for letting me do this with ya'll. Made some real close friends and learned a lot about dancing and having fun.

HUGE shout to the pinks and greens, who have over the course of a few months gone from normal dancers to much better than I will ever be, words can't express how proud I am.