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Joshiley Jawan - Elite 8 Bhangra Invitiational 2015 Champions


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[SIZE=small]Hello Everyone,

I have attached our intro video, our performance, and our mix. We made this set back in October, and I am so happy my team pushed me to go through with it. All I ever wanted to do was make fun and exciting bhangra routines, make routines that other dancers from other teams would love to dance, and I don’t think I can ever top this one, so yes finally this is the end! A huge thank you to my team for pushing me and for being such amazing dancers, who have all grown so much over the years, the improvements in each of your dancing levels is astonishing(OVER9000). To the circuit, I hope this makes each and every one of you get out of your seat and dance. Enjoy.

Words of wisdom
After finding out that we were going 1st at elite again, my team and I were pretty down, but after an hour or two, we realized that you know the order of the show doesn’t matter. Even if it effects the judges it doesn’t matter, because placings don’t matter. What matters is your video and your performance. Sick videos, with sick performances and sick sets stand the test of time. No one sits around saying oh remember so and so won so and so. No, people talk about sets and videos, I still talk about shan-e at big apple, they got 2nd but its still one of my favorite performances of all time. You perform for the video, you come off that stage and if your video is sick then you are going to be happy. We got off saw our video and we were chillin, we had no tension, I did not even know when they were announcing the winner and then he said our name and I was like okay fantastic. Remember placings are a reflection of what 4-5 people thought about your set, there are always hundreds thousands of other people who would place you 1st or whatever. What matters is what you think, if you can watch your video and be proud of your performance, that’s what really matters.

Also id like to take this moment to let every competition know that I am available to judge. I think the circuit needs better judges, Elite 8 did a great job of this. Feel free to contact me I want to help the circuit get better and with better feedback I think we can accomplish this.

Intro Video
Joshiley Jawan Elite 8 Intro Video

GTV Video[/SIZE]

Joshiley Jawan @ Elite 8 Bhangra 2015

Formations Video
Joshiley Jawan - Elite 8 Bhangra Invitiational 2015 Champions

Bender Futurama Video

Dancers by Pagg color:
Red: Shahrukh Khan, Shahzaib Khan
Black: Karthik Shastri, Simran Sodhi
Aqua: Manraj Singh, Sumeet Singh
Orange: Aditya Krishnamurthi, Ravi Marwaha
Pink: Arjun Barua, Komil Desai
Yellow: Vikrant Sharma, Pranava Raparla
Navy: Vishal Dholakia, Simrat Grewal
Green: Avneet Singh, Vishwas Sodhi

Iqwak made this intro last minute for us check it out: [soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/klasikhzmusic/klasikhz-joshiley-jawan-intro-2015[/soundcloud]

Shout outs

Karthik Shastri- A lot of people helped in this process, but you are the one I am going to single out. You were the calm head when I was an angry mess and you kept me grounded and helped me every step of the way, I can not thank you enough.

Rajbir Gill- I asked you to make me the hypest mix possible, and then you give me the most badass ending segment, it was nuts, I really appreciate all the hard work you put into the mix.

Iqwak Bhurji- Cant be a JJ mix unless you make the intro and you made it the night before the comp. I may be biased but that is the deadliest Shayr intros I have ever heard.

Neet Basra- The best dholi on music, there is no one who plays like this guy, and have you ever seen a more fierce looking dholi?

Goons- Kaushal, Avin, Guneet, and Shyam- you guys kept everything in check and dealt with that annoying ass board without you this wouldn’t have happened.

Paggs- Gagan and Jatinder, you fools came through and tied all the pagan and chaadre, I really appreciate it considering we were going first and stressing and then these two angels decended from Toronto and took care of it for us, you guys are sick and just goes to show how far back bhangra bonds go AVAP 08?

Nisha- Best family friend liason of all time, it was awkward bossing you around but you got everything done thank you for everything!

The 7 other elite teams: I saw bits and pieces of all of your performances and you guys all brought it! Felt like there was a lot of camaraderie between the teams, thought all of the captains had a very intriguing discussion, I really liked the openness we had with one another. It was a great atmosphere and it was nice seeing you all again and meeting some of you for the first time.

Elite 8- I will post a review on the review thread later, I had my issues and I am not happy with the issues experienced by the other teams, however you guys did sell out the crowd, and any problem we had you guys moved quickly to fix it so I thank you all for that as well as giving us a very nice stage to perform on. PS the biryani from Friday night was amazing, and a terrible idea because it gave some of my dancers the gas problems on comp day, but FANTASTIC BIRYANI!

FCB- I am really sorry for what happened to you guys during your performance, my entire team ran out to front of the stage to do lalkaare with you guys as soon as we did, it is completely unacceptable but the way you guys handled yourselves, the way you guys danced, I saw fire, and I saw passion and that’s what bhangra is all about and I respect you guys for finishing the way you did.

FAUJ- I also think it is absolute horse sh!t that they played the wrong mix, I am sorry that you guys had to deal with that, you guys handled it well I would have exploded.



I've always been a huge fan of JJ and am friends with a bunch of you guys. This was JJ's best performance. This post is 99% compliments, and they are completely deserved. Really happy for all of you

-Loved the mela intro with the old lollipop entrance haha, took me back to VPD 2011
-Nasty sher mix by Iqwak
-Some serious ENERGY in saaps. Very few teams can pull off playing shikke that fast and still execute at a high level. Simran and Karthik destroyed it
-Love the modhe in khunda. Lehriyaan and chaal drop was so sick. One of my favorite segments
-Most teams on the circuit do phulka with lazy legs, so I really appreciate that all 16 had perfect legs. Loved watching Barua and Komil in the middle there- they're who I learned proper phulka from
-I enjoyed the Bell jhoomer segment more than this one, but the execution in this performance was at such a higher level that I can honestly watch any one of the 16 dancers and enjoy it
-Aaja ni aaja intro formation with sammiyaan was dope, formations a little messy in phumaniyaa variation. drop was dope, Ravi and ADT killed it
-Malkit singh Jugni segment- FIRE. loved the execution of footwork at start of this song, Shahrukh and Shahzaib killed it. can see slight drop in energy halfway in, but you guys pick it right back up with dhamaal
-Jugni drop- fire. Everyone at the show kept telling me how sick it was. If there's one thing JJ is good at, it's setting up for a creative move at the drop
-There's nothing to say about that ending. Damn. No drop in energy, completed all your moves, and it made me smile.

-Shoutout to some of my CBS folks: Ravi, Simran, Manu, Komil. You guys murdered it
-Sound selection was sick, but I was hoping for another Iqwak mix. Ending mix had good ideas
-Mixed color vardiyaan looked good, I was surprised how clean it looked
-I can honestly say there was not 1 moment of awkward choreo
-Not many teams, including my own, have been very smart with 16-man formations besides like NJ warriors. I think that was the biggest weakness in the last elite 8 set for JJ, but this one was 100x better in that regard.
-The level of the dancers on this roster is absurd. So much control and beautiful nakhra that just comes naturally. Young dancers need to learn from these guys to not force nakhra
-I expected your choreo judging scores to be high, but you guys executed at an insane leve. Most of my critiques for teams are about simple things like high legs, straight back, etc. or bad choreo/formations. It was so nice to just enjoy watching this and not be distracted by those things
-Such a sick set design, props SRK. An issue with the Bell set was that it was a great "all-time" set and took watching it a few times to appreciate. The first time I watched this one, I knew it deserved to win

Well deserved win for Joshiley Jawan.
Shahrukh- Much love for what you guys have done for the circuit and way to retire with a bang. Been at every comp with JJ except this one, and I wish I could've been there to see this set. Beautiful

Also, I'm so glad to see so much respect between teams. It's been a long time since I've seen so much support on the circuit, and it's really refreshing and exciting!



Well deserved first place. Been a fan since VPD and every performance i've seen has been mind blasting to say the least. I think what impresses me the most are the amazing JJ formation transitions, there are times when i'm legitimately confused on how you transition from one formation to something so different so seamlessly. There's a really nice flow and it seems like you guys put a ton of thought into your set and making sure it hits as hard as it possibly could. Hope to see you guys compete again soon!


This blew me out of the water upon rewatching it. I wasn't sure to expect at first, but after seeing it live and rewatching it, I loved the consistently dynamic formations. Watching up close live for the first time, I saw some amazing nakhra and all I can remember was an amazing start to the evening. The set opened and closed at high energy - the end segment was some of the dopest bhangra I saw that night. I learnt a lot from this set and the entire evening, and I wish JJ well!

Edit: If anyone knows the song they did the jumps to at the end, I'd appreciate it. Hype ass end segment
Haven't posted anything in a very long time, but this set was absolutely stunning. Formations were very creative and set looked fun! Great job on first wish you guys would continue dancing!

Go Barua !


Some more thoughts:
- Opening mela choreo and mix went together amazingly well
- The energy in the saap segment really set the tone for the rest of the set
- Loved the flow from one segment to another. Didn't seem like there was a single weak segment in the whole set, and the crowd got pumped for something in every segment.
- In your last Elite performance I didn't think you guys made the best use of going 16. It got messy at times and your formations weren't as good as they had been in your other performances. But here, I think you guys maximized the potential of going 16 man. The execution and formations felt crisp, and there was a lot of fresh choreo.
- My personal favorite segment was the jhummar
- Great use of older songs

Best of luck in the future. Great way to go out if this is your last performance.


Always look forward to watching you guys. Sad that this will be your last performance but y'all left with a bang. Good job to everyone who danced as well as the dholi. Dholi veer you killed it! Congrats again!!


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The dancers, the dholi and the music all complimented each other really well in this performance, was awesome to watch. JJ holding it down once again, congrats on the win!


Set was insane, just. Insane. Never seen anything like that in the UK (hint apply for a uk comp).

Loved the break into that jugni.


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Wish I was there to see this live, really incredible. Felt a lot like an NJ set but with JJs own stamp (mela, aaja ni aaja, etc.). Shoutouts to Ravi and Manu - hope we get to share the stage again, Pranava for reppin Duke, and Aditya for having moments that just make me wanna explode (7:20 - 7:38 gaaawd)

Harpal Ankhile

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A mad pleasure to watch such a powerful set... These dancers were on fire. Gutted this is the last of JJ. Well done lads.


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JJ at Elite 8 2015?! Wow. Not only is it so crazy you had to go first in the show, but that this even happened at all. When I first heard JJ was performing at Elite I assumed it was as exhibition or that my sources were joking. After all, they swore they were done after Bell, their captain turned into a lasagna-loving tabby, and some of them have grandkids by now. But after seeing this I think they proved they were elite and that they deserved to be here. Very curious to watch the other teams but I can imagine this set a tone for the rest of the show that was hard to match.

Although I miss Iqwak's creations for this team, I think this was a really hype mix especially the ending segment - too ill. Intro was also well done (only Iqqy can find this) and the sapp segment had good change-ups (musically and choreo).

Sapp was fire - faster than anything you've done before. It felt NJWish but in a good way (probly just the song combined with rumaalz). The segment had various examples of controlled chaos. Different jodis doin their own thing then culminating in a move that the whole team smashes together (looking down and of course the running spin), sick. And the crowd responded.
Like others have said, each segment had the crowd goin' for something different
Formations overall were quite ambitious - props for pulling off the complex serpentines(the X Chromosome/Clock formation replacing the Y lol, and the train going around a circle)!!
jhummar, kind of made me miss the older segments, hella classic
individual nakhra "the inviting look" to the audience was very strong
good mix of old and new songs, and throwbacks to past sets (lollipop, aja ni aja poses)
no real gimmick despite this being elite8 which is good, nothing to stop the dancing
Jugni step-over move was fire!
ending was fire and props for keepin it goin with changing formations. the C-walk or shimmy step thing was a nice nuance

I respect JJ's approach of 1-2 comps a year for the past few years as they kept it clean and creative with each iteration. I think you guys were a team that were a real treat for bhangra fans, and feel sorry this is your last set. Over the years you found a way to bring folk back. If this is really your last, way to make a mark musically and choreo-wise on the scene. If there is a return of the JJ some day, I look forward to it but maybe don't do mix-up colors next time :) Congrats on this performance and for a great run...be a good sport and come back again soon. I think we could all do with more sets and mixes like this.


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Congrats! Well done!

Really enjoyed the performance. I think what set you guys apart was the performance value of the set. I think true bhangra dancers who embody the dance can be visually engaging throughout the set are rare, but you guys have that in spades.


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i'll add more later and offer meaningful critiques... But this makes me so happy. I really hope the rest of the circuit takes a hint and starts creating more routines that are this hype and entertaining.

Let's compare your bell set, and this one. While I'm a clean/traditional/folk (whatever word you want to use) bhangra lover (really enjoyed the bell set), what you guys did at e8 is what we need to spark some fire in the circuit. THIS is how we take bhangra to the next level.

I really really really hope teams take note and bring higher levels of risk, creativity, entertainment value, everything.


holy hype. as soon as i heard the ending sequence of the mix i immediately thought of toronto. then i read the thread and it made sense. killed the opening saap segment, and jugni drop was so nasty. the set overall looked messier compared to bell, but makes sense since that set was much slower (double chaffa reminded me of bell)..but, the speed was ill and i think it was a great way to go out. agree with siddyp, i hope this sparks the circuit. the hype and entertainment reminded me of the glory days of 2008-09-10. congrats


Tough times never last, but tough people do.
So, onto the critiques:

While I really love the routine, I will say that I was disappointed with parts of the dancing side.

There were plenty of obvious moments and parts where dancers just weren't trying or putting forth much energy at all.
Going 16, and having the caliber of dancers, you can def get away with some of it. Your stage presence and way of selling steps is un real. But knowing you guys, I was expecting better.
6:50 and onwards of gtv video is where it lost it for me. Mix and choreo was so hype. But as a whole, dancers weren't matching it at all with energy.

Overall cleanliness was lower than the JJ I know. Seeing that you have multiple dancers from different areas, I'm not surprised. I know what it's like. I would have liked to see less mistakes and more overall stage confidence. There were plenty of parts where you guys stopped enjoying yourselves and started thinking solely about hitting/killing a sequence of steps. It def was worth it. But left me wanting more.

While I hope teams take the hint with the choreo/routine aspects, I hope this stuff I mentioned doesn't become a thing. If we add in more consistency in terms of energy, lifting legs, and it was a bit cleaner, this could have been a performance for the ages.

Much love guys. Gonna miss seeing you guys on stage. Esp with those new sexy vardi.


Tough times never last, but tough people do.
Shahrukh said:
FCB- I am really sorry for what happened to you guys during your performance, my entire team ran out to front of the stage to do lalkaare with you guys as soon as we did, it is completely unacceptable but the way you guys handled yourselves, the way you guys danced, I saw fire, and I saw passion and that’s what bhangra is all about and I respect you guys for finishing the way you did.
we appreciate the love man! it was heart warming to see you and your team cheering us on and the support you offered after the performance and before placings.

I talked to Kartik after the show, and he said yall almost got into a fight with someone cause you were trying to come side stage to cheer us on. LOL.

And I will tell everyone on BTF, that SRK and a few other JJ members came to us after placing was announced with the trophy saying we(fcb) deserved it. It was an amazing gesture and something that makes me believe that the bhangra circuit has great people on it that will always trump the bad.

Yall killed it going first and deserved it! <-- should be another note to all teams. YOU CAN WIN WHILE GOING FIRST. Just murk it like JJ did.