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Im glad the majority of people see what it is for its true light.

Meistro, Bindhranwale never explicitly said he wanted Khalsitan, he said he is never for it, nor against it. Mainly for the fact that this guy supported his actions with the Guru Granth Sahib JI (his twisted actions) and he couldn't support that. He was severely against western sikhs, who shaved their hair, and wore anything but Kurtha's, he was an extremist if there ever was one. If one says "khalistan zindabad", then look at the person. If the person looks like Zac Efron more than Bhindranwale, you can understand why its laughable. Even if the person is a gursikh, its still laughable. Saying Khalistan zindabad is basically the equivalent to saying India murdabad.

Khalistan supporters forget the sacrifice of the punjabi people. We as sikhs, wer the one's who fought in the jameens of punjab. We are the one's who India was made of, it is our country more than anyone's. We as sikhs are taught that violence is no answer, khalistan supporters use violence. Ranjit's post is upsetting because although nothing personal, I think he is what is wrong with western sikhs. Its this idea of secularism, this idea of ending sikhi's true purpose, which is unification of thought. Guru Jee says

Those who act as dividers are accepted and approved - recognize that this is the sign of the Dark Age of Kali Yuga. SGGS 902

Maharaj Ranjit Singh's empire was not ran by sikhs. Because HE was a sikh, did not make his empire a sikh empire. His government consisted of Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims. He often prayed at Mandir's, Masjid's and Gurdwara's and made sure of their sanctity. His Foreign minister, the most important person in his empire, Azizzdunin was a muslim. His top advisors, including to whom he lef this kingdon to were Hindu's. What he ran, and what Khalistan is proposed to be, is two HORRIBLY, IMMENSELY opposite things.

I am blatantely against the Indian government, who are just as bad as American, Chinese and other governments. I find it hard one can call themselves American with the history of slavery, discrimination of their own people, the lackluster treatment of their own people, proudly, but dont want to call themselves Indian. Try questioning a southerners patriotism, the same african american southererns who's ancestors were inslaved for 150 years, part of the reason why corparate america wont give him a job, and why he makes under minimum wage, and was completely ignored by the government in crisis situation (ie katrina)... they would still chop of your head...

But I cant believe, and it literally hurts me when i read the religion that is based in peace, unity is held hostage by these manaics. THink about, Bhindranwale's people were the first to bring guns and shoes into Harimandir Sahib Ji. They were tried to be forced out, but continued their terrorist operations from within our holiest shrine. The idiot Indra Gandhi had the support of the complete punjab and nation to flush him out using peaceful tactics, but that idiot ended comprising our integrity and the peace of punjab for 20 something years with her egotism... If she didnt atttack harimandir sahib ji, and done something else, terrorism and this conversation would be happening...

Ranjit, nothing personal, but now I can see why we differ in so many issues. It looks like at the basic fundamentals we are not alike, we think differently.


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Summy!!! dude, I really didnt mean it like that...i just repeated words from the net....so SORRY, I seriously didnt want to offend anyone :'(
That is why I asked for more information
Thank you everyone for the information (seriously) ;D

I also found out that there is a family here, in Sacramento, that supports it really really strong

again THANK YOU and SORRY! you guy were a great help.


"Khalistan Zindabad" seems the cool thing to say for kids in the U.S. lately. No disrespect, I am sure there are some individuals who have studied the movement and passionately believe in it, but some are merely prey to youtube propoganda and so clueless of their own religious beliefs that they try to legitimize them by adhering to something extreme and "revolutionary." I remember one girl I know once got drunk at a party and started crying and chanting "Khalistan Zindabad, Hindustand Murdabad." I couldn't help but laugh at the mere irony.


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I never really saw a point in having Khalistan or ever will...its good to be an indian.


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I don?t think the whole Khalistan movement would actually happen mainly because the people who want Khalistan are the people living OUTSIDE of India. Ask the Sikhs in India about their views on it and they?ll straight up tell you how pathetic it is.


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i personally think that is a retarded idea
to make khalistan or even think about it..c'mon now


Summy said:
We are the one's who India was made of, it is our country more than anyone's.
If you truly believe this statement, I would love for you to walk the streets of India with this statement printed across your chest... It's a bold statement... To say that India belongs more the to the Sikhs than it does to anyone else, man, that's a tough pill to swallow... I would love to rebuttle this statement, but honestly I don't know enough about India's freedom struggle...

And Summy, the UN is pretty much run by the U.S. There are two wars going on, the UN was slapped around silly by the Bush administration, Kofi Annan was Bush's little bitch and we did what we wanted to... The UN has power over countries that don't really matter in the world... Yay for controlling Zambia or something, go flex your power there... You said they sanctioned the Chinese but made sure they didn't hurt the economy, do you honestly think the Chinese gave a flying damn about those sanctions? Do you think they care about what the world thinks? The UN is a joke... Just blow the damn thing up, no one listens to them anyways...


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Moderator's Note: Check out the United Nations Thread:

Thank you Ranjit for the request.

P.S. Vick, I quoted a comment you made on the UN (from your post originally about Kalistan), and made it the a post in United Nations.



I don't know much about the history and all, so thanks for the insight Summy. In Toronto though, I don't know of many people that support khalsitan. I know there are a couple of people that have voiced their opinion about being supporters of it, and many parents have actually told their kids to stay away and not listen to them.

I believe there was something on the knews about somethign in relation to khalistan. I remember getting it in a facebook message. Does anyone know what i'm talking about? I dont remember exactly... and I may be wrong... but I remember the video was talking about how khalistan is being viewed as terrorists. They have AK 47's around the Kanda, and kids holding them.

I will try to find the video and post it. I remember they wanted the video taken down, so it might be hard.


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I think your talking about the Vaishaki day parade and how there was big uproar because kids were wearing t-shirts and clothing of the babbar khalsa, that instead of kirpans consisted of ak-47's in the Khanda.

It's just another example of how kids in the west are adhereing to some old ideologies that they themselves could not follow. Khalistan, the land of Khalsa... If your remember these kids who wear the Babbar Khalsa's clothing, they were clean shaven thug wanna youth. They cant even speak punjabi, can't tell the difference between Gurmukhi and Arabic, and they want to promote a land for rules under the Khalsa.

You have sikhs insulting sikhs on this site. Tubro claimed that Nirankari's burned Guru Granth Sahib Jee's. I know Nirankari's that follow the rules of sikhi very well. We want a country to our own? You have kids who look at Nihang's and see them as extremist, and people are out there to prove they are not decendentts of Guru Gobind Singh Jee, and we want our own country? How about we get rid of the intelligency agencies looking out for sikh militants attacking the AKAL TAKHT then we will talk about our own country.

ranjit singh

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Those who are interested in the events of 1984 and the Khalistan movement MUST know about the Anandpur Sahib Resolution. The resolution not only included safeguards for Sikhs, but for ALL Indians. It was not a rally cry for Khalistan, but rather a way to curb the power of the central government (something beneficial to ALL Indians), to create an environment in which the "sentiments and aspirations of the Sikh Panth will find full expression, satisfaction and growth", and to protect the economy of Punjab. It was endorsed by Bhindranwale, Sikh scholars/intelligentsia, politicians, servicemen, and many members of the Sikh community.

A full translation of the resolution can be found at http://www.sikhcoalition.org/Sikhism21.asp (I urge everyone to read it), but the major demands of the resolution are the recasting of the Indian constitution to increase states' autonomy, the return of Chandigarh to Punjab (instead of leaving it shared with Haryana), state control over its river waters, ending the reallocation of river water from Punjab to non-riparian states, and protecting Sikhs from discrimination.

As you can see, the resolution centered around a combination of economic, cultural, religious, and constitutional demands. One can easily see how the resolution was a threat to the hegemony and power of the central government. The demands were actively pursued but the central government would never concede. This is a major reason why the Khalistan movement and Bhindranwale garnered such support, NOT because of a blind hatred towards Hindus and India as Summy would like you to believe.