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GW Bhangra

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Hello everyone! We're GW Bhangra, from George Washington University. We're excited to get back into the competitive circuit but first we need to refurnish equipment! What do teams normally use for khunde? Since we are a student-organization, we have a limited budget, so cheaper but durable is better.

We currently have wood broomsticks, but we are looking into either bamboo sticks or PVC. What do you guys recommend?

Howie Magz

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Buy bamboo khunday from India. Get the ones that are super light weight that are brown in color and not the bulky heavy ones that come in black. I have gotten them for both AEG and MBT in the past. They run about $30 a piece, but they are actually real khunday. When you get them shipped, you need to cut them about 8 inches. I was never a fan of PVC pipes and broomsticks.