Lil Girl Singing Qawwali on Talent Show EKLKBK


mint gumri
*Filmi Qawwali :p

She is great btw, the sargam at 3:20s was cute. Loved how she transitioned into Runa Laila's Dam Dam Mast Qalandar composition. Hope she keeps at singing.

Random facts: Females were not allowed to perform in traditional qawwali troupes. There have always been female shrine singers at the dargahs of saints (Such as Abida Parveen) but the specific qawwali mehfil was never lead by females. Only recently there are a couple troupes in UP with a female as the head singer. There was a group of hippies from NorCal who converted to Islam and went to Pakistan to learn the art from Nusrat's family. The girl, Amina Chisty, became a badass tabla player (trained by Dildar Hussain, Nusrat's tabla man and disciple).

Usually females at the dargah sit behind the qawwals because it is said that the qawwals want to be singing love for God and not be distracted by romantic notions brought about by women in front of them. Sometimes they dont care, as long as the females are covered enough and don't sit right up front its permissible at the daily performances that are always going on.

Filmi Qawwalis take usually all of the religious significance and context away from the genre and market them as love songs. You will find very few authentic qawwalis in them, (Maula Salim Chisti from Garam Hawa is one, maybe Arziyan in Dilli-6 can be counted). They also add like warring women and men's troupes to movies like in Mugal-E-Azam and Barsaat Ki Raat which is made up and does not happen ever in real life.

Ok rambling over.


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she's really good, but i feel like she wouldn't last a day if she were among the contestants of the show Chote Ustaad ... those kids are something else.


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beautiful singer and just a wierd observation...does the girl immediately to the left back of the girl singing look like reggie miller, or is it just me lol