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List of Bhangra Vendors (Instruments, Props, Outfits, etc)


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Hi all,

Since many individuals come to BTF seeking this information, I feel it's about time we had a pinned topic on a list of bhangra vendors that people had experience using (buying/renting stuff from) or at least have the vendor contact information for.

If you're someone that knows of any vendors or are a vendor yourself, please respond in this topic with these vendor details.

Vendor Name:
Main Contact:
E-mail Address/Phone Number:
City, State, Country of where your based:
Website/Social Media Links:
Types of products offered:
Teams worked with:

I'll keep this original topic updated with a list of vendor names & links to the information you provide below. Let me know if there are suggestions for other information to add that may be useful for others.


Vendor Name; Product Types; Link to post with more information:

HSA Bhangra Props Inc.; Plastic Shikke ( & Khunday; http://bhangrateamsforum.com/a/threads/list-of-bhangra-vendors-instruments-props-outfits-etc.29298/#post-244611

MUTEYAAR; Bhangra Outfits & Accessories & all types of bhangra props; http://bhangrateamsforum.com/a/threads/list-of-bhangra-vendors-instruments-props-outfits-etc.29298/#post-244614

Mangi Folk Fashion; Outfits, Props, and Instruments; http://bhangrateamsforum.com/a/threads/list-of-bhangra-vendors-instruments-props-outfits-etc.29298/#post-244614

Romesh Bhangra & Giddha Dresses; Outfits, Props, and Instruments; http://bhangrateamsforum.com/a/threads/list-of-bhangra-vendors-instruments-props-outfits-etc.29298/#post-245818
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Howie Magz

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Vendor Name: HSA Bhangra Props Inc.
Main Contact: Howie Magaro
E-mail Address/Phone Number: hsabhangraprops@gmail.com/1-917-542-1093
City, State, Country of where you're based: Wyckoff, New Jersey, USA
Social Media Links: Instagram: HSABHANGRAPROPS
Types of products offered: Plastic Shikke (Brown, White, Red, and Black) and Khunday (Light Bamboo with Hooks)
Teams Worked with:

-Adelphi Bhangra (Garden City, NY)
-AMG Bhangra (Chicago, IL)
-Anakh-E-Gabroo (AEG) (Queens, NY)
-Ankhile (London, United Kingdom)
-Anakh Sherniyan Di (Detroit, MI)
-Apna Bhangra Crew (ABC) (Seattle, WA)
-Bhangre De Shokeen (BDS) (Philadelphia, PA)
-Bhangra Theory (New York, NY)
-Bhams' Blazin Bhangra (Birmingham, AL)
-Boston University Bhangra (BU Bhangra) (Boston, MA)
-Bruin Bhangra (Los Angeles, CA)
-Bulldog Bhangra (Fresno, CA)
-Capital Bhangra (Washington DC)
-Classic City Bhangra (Athens, GA)
-Colorado Bhangra Team (Boulder, CO)
-Cornell Bhangra (Ithaca, NY)
-Da Real Punjabiz (DRP) (San Diego, CA)
-Davis Bhangra Crew (Davis, CA)
-Detroit Folk Arts (Detroit, MI)
-Carolina Indian Arts (Raleigh, NC)
-DC Bhangra Crew (DCBC) (Washington DC)
-First Class Bhangra (FCB) (Pittsburgh, PA)
-Florida Bhangra Crew (Miami, FL)
-Furteelay Shokeen (Detroit, MI)
-Gabroo Jawan (Queens, NY)
-Gabroo Gulab Wargey (Fresno, CA)
-GHG Chardi Jawani (Fresno, CA)
-HooSher Bhangra (Bloomington, IA
-Illini Bhangra (Champaign, IL)
-James Madison University Bhangra (Harrisonburg, VA)
-Jhaankar Dance Academy (Orlando, FL)
-Kauran Di Taur (Calgary, Canada)
-Khire Phul Gulab De (KPGD) (Raleigh, NC)
-Lone Star Gabroos (Dallas, TX)
-Michigan Bhangra Team (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
-Ministry of Bhangra - Chicago (Chicago, IL)
-Mirzay (Tampa, FL)
-MV Bhangra (Cupertino, CA)
-Norcal Naujawan (Bay Area, CA)
-Princeton Bhangra (Princeton, NJ)
-Raakhe Virse De (Canton, MI)
-Rangeelay Jawan (Indianapolis, IA)
-Rangla Punjab Academy (Surrey, BC)
-Rice Bhangra (Houston, TX)
-Rochester Bhangra (Rochester, NY)
-Sadi Wakhri Ah Taur (S.W.A.T) (Singapore)
-Sohne Yaar Punjab De (S.Y.P.D) (Ontario, Canada)
-Stanford Bhangra (Stanford, CA)
-Stony Brook University Bhangra (Stony Brook, NY)
-UC Riverside Bhangra (Riverside, CA)
-UMD Terrapind (College Park, Maryland)
-University of Chicago Bhangra (Chicago, IL)
-University of North Carolina (UNC Bhangra Elite) (Chapel Hill, NC)
-Vasda Punjab Academy (Manteca, CA)
-VanCity Bhangra (Vancouver, Canada)
-Vanderbilt Bhangradores (Nashville, TN)
-Virginia School of Bhangra (Ashburn, VA)
-VCU Bhangra (Richmond, VA)
-Wash U Bhangra (St. Louis, MO)
-William and Mary Griffin Bhangra (Williamsburg, VA)
-Wisconsin School of Bhangra (Madison, WI)

Fusion Teams worked with:

-Broadstreet Baadshaaz (Philadelphia, PA)
-Michigan Izzatt (Ann Arbor, MI)
-Penn Dhamaka (Philadelphia, PA)
-Queen City Ishaare (Charlotte, NC)
-Troy Zahara (Troy, MI)
-University of Santa Barbara Taara (Santa Barbara, CA)

Sole Props Provider For:

-The Learn Bhangra App

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New Member
Vendor Name: Mangi Folk Fashion
Main Contact: Harjeet Mangi
E-mail Address/Phone Number/Whatsapp: +91 94632 17722
City, State, Country of where your based: Barnala, Punjab
Website/Social Media Links: www.facebook.com/harjeetmangebhangradresess | IG: @harjeet_mangi_bhangra_dress
Types of products offered: All types of vardiyan, props, and instruments.
Teams worked with: 300+ teams worldwide. To name a few:
- Virginia School of Bhangra (Virginia, USA)
- Punjabi Folk Dance Academy (Edmonton, CA)
- GHG (California, USA)
- Lyallpul Khalsa College (Punjab)
- Young Bhangra (Calgary)
- Ankhile Put Punjab de (UK)
- Gabru Punjab De (UK)
- Ankhile Girls (UK)
- Nachda Punjab ( Calgary)
- BCN Bhangra(Spain)
- Virse de Waris (Paris)
- Virasat Folk Academy (Sydney)
- Norcal Bhangra ( California, USA)
- Abbotsford Arts Academy (Canada)
- Mohindera College (Patiala)
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Vendor Name: Romesh Bhangra & Giddha Dresses
Main Contact: Romesh(Inder Pal)
Email/Phone Number: romeshew@yahoo.com
Phone Number: +919814064554 (Punjabi-Hindi) +14046308934 (English) - WhatsApp Works Best
City,State,Country where your based: Phagwara, Punjab, India
Website/FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/RomeshEmbroideryWork/
Instagram ID: romeshbhangradresses
Facebook ID: https://www.facebook.com/inderpalpalla

Types of products offered: We develop all types of Bhangra, Gidhha Dresses for International Bhangra Teams, Punjabi Singers (Gurdaas Mann, Diljit, Amrinder Gill, Sarabjit Cheeman, Feroj Khan, Malkit Singh, Ninja etc). We send props such as wooden and plastic saaps, khundey, katos, chimtas, and any other bhangra props/accessories as well. I have been designing and sending vardee internationally for over 15 years for all teams and would love to continue offering high quality services in the future.

Here is a link to all my previous designs that I have completed in the past 15 years: https://www.facebook.com/inderpalpalla/media_set

I want to let everyone know that @Romesh embroidery works is not me, but a fake account. I have found out many teams have sent him money for "deposits" and received no vardee in return. I apologize for the inconvenience that has caused, but he has been using my name without my permission.

Thank you.


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Howie Magz

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I would like to publicly state that to all vendors on this page and in the future to not use our pictures (white plastic shikke and brown plastic shikke) and claim to MAKE and SELL the same product as HSA Bhangra Props. Our plastic saaps are our own in house design and selling to other teams using our pictures is extremely disrespectful and unprofessional. If you are to use our images please ask us ahead of time. I have caught several vendors on this page using our images and telling teams that they carry the same product as us.