***Live Bhangra Tryouts in the Bay Area***


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Hello everyone,

We are a brand new team from the Bay Area looking for dedicated/committed dancers who want to do live bhangra. We're being coached by Yadwinder "Yadi" Sra, the founder of the legendary Gabroo Shokeen.

Prior experience is not required but is preferred so come with an open mind to learn and commit yourself to traditional bhangra. We're looking to get a 10-12 man roster for an 8-man set and a few alternates.

Team name: Gabroo Shael Shabiley

Practices: Various Locations around east and south bay (ranging from high schools in Fremont, and San Jose, to San Jose State University)

Tryout information:


Mission San Jose High School

41717 Palm Avenue
Fremont, CA 94539

Date and time:

Thursday, July 29th at 5PM

For Further Information, Contact:

Manjot Singh

Phone: 408-623-0407
Email : manjot2008@gmail.com

Or PM me.

Yankee Saini

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AnkurK said:
It might help to have a firm handle of music sets before switching to live
dancing live and learning from an experienced person will probably make anyone a much better dancer na? its easier to transition from live to music than vice-versa i feel (from my personal experience at least)


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I agree. Their coach is from Gabroo Shokeen, which was probably the all-time most experienced live team in north america. I think it's better to have the coach teach what he knows best, rather than try to experiment with new things like gimmicks and stuff