Looking for wedding dholi


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Hello BTF go-ers,

I have a family wedding coming up on Thursday (2 DAYS), and thought we had a dholi lined up to play during the groom's entrance. As it turns out, there was never any confirmation and he's dipping out of the bay a few days before. So, now we are in serious need of a dholi.

I understand there are some talented individuals on this forum. If anyone does gigs and/or would be willing to come play on Thursday for a few hours, please give me a call - 925-354-5424 - and we can hash out details.

Here is some info:
WHAT: Dholi for sangeet/mehndi entrance and after
WHERE: Pleasanton, California (East Bay Area)
WHEN: Thursday, 12/25 @ 6:30pm

If anyone can please come through, we will discuss pay as well.