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Making a Team


New Member
Hello! I really want to make a competitive Bhangra team, but I’m not sure where to begin.

I only have a handful of people willing to join at the moment. I have over 10 years of experience and am always learning and growing, so I feel like I can lead a group fairly well. I also know a lot about the Bhangra circuit from past experiences on teams. Located near Portland, Oregon. Any help is appreciated!

Kartik Madaan

New Member
Best advice i'd give you would be to get those handful of people you already have some experience and start creating a gig set routine and get a mix made, clean those dancers form and build their stamina and perform at local weddings/events. You don't need to have props or vardiyan in the beginning to start, unless you have the means to order them now for your current dancer roster. Even if you start out with doing a couple free gigs, you need to make a sacrifice somewhere to get your name out there for people to reach out to join.

Once you have your brand/team somewhat established, next step would be marketing yourselves. Hold a tryouts or divide flyers/posters amongst the dancers you have so far and start putting them up at local businesses near you. Eventually you'll get people, then you'd just need to build your team together and would be finding out your dancers strengths and weaknesses and assigning them roles such as team mixer, choreographer, formations creator, and etc. based on the passion you see in each of them. Eventually this way, you'll be on the right path to forming your own team and be able to compete in the near future.

It's definitely a process, but that's how I would personally start if I was back in that position again. You should post this on the Facebook BTF page to get different perspectives from other team coaches and captains. Good luck with your team, if you need any other advice, don't hesitate to reach out!