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*** MASTER LIST- List of DJs to hire for mixes ***


Arsh Kainth

Soundcloud: Email: arshkainth10@gmail.com

Several mixes for Macmaster University's bhangra teams
SGPD Ent mixes with DD
Mixes for Louise Arbor/Sandalwood Heights/HB (highschools)
Currently helping with SGPD's Bhangra in the 6ix mix.

Feel free to dm me or email me with inquiries. Prices are negotiable.


Jackie Thind.

I have been making mixes since sophomore year of high school. I have a strong understanding of lyrical meaning, mix and set flow, and transitions.

Teams I have mixed for:
Bhangra Empire (Boston 2009 - 2nd place set, Elite 8 2010, Boston 2010 - 1st place set, Elite 8 2011, Jashan 2011 - 2nd place set, Boston 2015 - 2nd place set, Bruin 2016-3rd place set)
Cal Bhangra (Bhangra in the Burgh 2012- 1st place set)
UCI Rangla Punjab (Notorious Bhangra 3)
Nachde Shokeen Gabru (NSG) (Warrior Bhangra - 1st place set)
Da Real Punjabiz (DRP) (Bruin 2015, Bruin 2017 - both 3rd place sets)

Contact me via email, jackie.thind@gmail.com, for mix inquires. Rate will depend on due date and my hours logged for production.


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TWEAKZ - I have been mixing for more than 4 years for many teams such as MOB Sydney, Down To Bhangra, Florida Bhangra Crew, K3G, Heere.


Email: officialdjtweakz@gmail.com

Instagram: @twearkz_

Experience -
- In house mixer for Ministry of Bhangra
- Mixed for Florida Bhangra Crew:
* 1st Place mix
* 3rd Place mix
- Mixed for K3G
- Mixed for Heere
- Mixed many private mixes

Recent Mixes -

Feel free to dm me or email me with enquiries. Prices are negotiable
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Gurjinder Sagoo

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DJ M.M.S aka Master Mix Singh

I used to remix back in the days and done many underground albums

If you search in google my name will come up. Those who in the remixing scene 15 years ago no who i am

Currently i did the following underground albums

2001 - Master Mix Singh - B-Line Deck Mixes (100% In The Mix)
2002 - Master Mix Singh - Desfied (Hear Us Roar)
2002 - Master Mix Singh - Glassi (Ek Hor Peg Yaara)
2002 - Master Mix Singh - Hardkaur Mixsingh (Dont Tax My Style)
2003 - Master Mix Singh - Chaotic Mixsingh (The Elite Mix Masterz)
2003 - Master Mix Singh - I Want You Back (My Eyes Are On You Baby)
2003 - Master Mix Singh - Mix Singh The Skillz (No Problemo)
2004 - Master Mix Singh - Back 2 Da Rootz (E.P)
2004 - Master Mix Singh - Cre@tivity (Its All About The Mind)
2004 - Master Mix Singh - Fcukin Desi (Sada Boy Ni Manda)
2006 - Master Mix Singh - Dhol Synopsis (The Album)
2007 - Master Mix Singh - Desi Masala Part 1 (25 Non Stop Bhangra Mix)
2007 - Master Mix Singh - Desi Masala Part 2 (20 Non Stop Bhangra Mix)
2008 - Master Mix Singh - Desi Masala Part 3 (40 Non Stop Bhangra Mix)
2009 - Master Mix Singh - Desi Masala Part 4 (69 Non Stop CDJ Live Set)
2009 - Master Mix Singh - Mind Ova Matter (Its Not What You Mix, Is How You Mix)
2010 - Master Mix Singh - Bollywood sigNACHure
2016 - Master Mix Singh - Yaar Di Baraat (Club Mix)
2018 - Master Mix Singh - The Purge (2017)

Jasmit Gill

Jasmit Gill

Hit me up on:

SoundCloud- https://soundcloud.com/jasmitgill
Instagram- Jasmit.g https://www.instagram.com/jasmit.g/
Whatsapp and Text: 443-876-5938
Email: jasmitgill11@gmail.com

About Me:
  • I have been mixing for 2+ years professionally and 1 year as a hobby.
  • Proficient in Ableton Live 10
  • Made 30+ mixes
  • Danced for 6+ years
  • Danced with DCMPAA and UMD Bhangra
  • Some of my mixes consist of:
  • Dcmpaa 1st @ ECS 2019
  • Dcmpaa @ Boston Bhangra 2018
  • Bhangra Brigade 3rd @ Bhangra Arena
  • RDI 1st @ Solstice/West Coast Bhangra 2019
and much more you can find on my SoundCloud


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Krishna L

email: lohrakrishna@gmail.com
Fiverr Link: https://www.fiverr.com/s2/c136f8b6de
Instagram: krish992

I've been the audio guy for a dance team called Shiamak Toronto (in Toronto haha) and i've made a great chunk of mixes for the dance team for their corporate shows as well. I can post some youtube links so you can hear the mixes in the video. I specialize in bollywood/fusion mixes but I can also make bhangra mixes with back beats etc.



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DJ Nick here. Just hit 4 million streams on SoundCloud.....Free Downloads available on Bandcamp.

Been DJing for 10+ years and producing for last few...

SC - DJNickWorldwide
IG - DJNickWorldwide
YT - DJNickWorldwide